Chicken List?

Team AO,

I was just sitting down and skimming the book Equipping 101 from John Maxwell, and he has a chapter entitled “Who do you equip?” I believe that this is a very good question for our organization at this point in our development. The book offers insight on the mindset of a leader by shedding light on how we operate. If we are going to strengthen our team then I believe that all of us have to have the mindset of growing leaders and not building a business. So often we can get our focus on moving cases by finding followers of the Mona Vie product and lose track of our primary objective of finding and developer leaders that will grow communities. In every aspect of our business we should not be looking for followers that become a crowd. We should focus on finding leaders that become a movement! So as we make our lists do we put those people the we respect or those that respect us? As we make calls and show plans does our language convey our desire to increase our leadership asset pool?
If I would offer our team any advice that we have learned over the past few months, it would be that everyone get out their list and put a star by the people that are natural leaders, and call them now! Many of you probably were too scared to put these people on your list, so do it now and call them today… When individuals want to build our business from the Wealth perspective, it is so much easier to start and build with only leaders or hungry students wanting to become leaders.
So here is the challenge for all of us… We will not be having official open meetings the week of Christmas nor New Years, so we all will have a lot of time to ponder these words. As we enter into 2009, everyone should know that they are one or two leaders away from at least the Gold level in this business. For the serious, we are planning some leadership only meetings for you to invite your big fish over those two weeks. The format will be focused on the leadership mindset of our business, and only those with guests will be invited. So get out your chicken list and get ready to enter into 2009 working with a new set of builders. Stay tuned for more details…

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