Food for thought

Team AO,

In preparation for our meeting on Tueday, I would like for everyone on the Team to consider a few points. One of the challenges we face in developing enough momentum for everyone of you to reach your goals is having a clear and galvanizing vision that inspires us to overcome all obstacles. I am re-reading “Full Steam Ahead” by Ken Blanchard and Jesse Stoner, and in the book he states that a good vision statement that inspires a movement must contain the following:

  1. Significant Purpose – A deep and noble cause that inspires excitement and commitment; clearly identifies the answer to the question “Why?”…
  2. Clear Values – Answer the Why in the purpose with what do we want to live by? How do we want to live?
  3. A Picture of the Future – The end result, a picture that we can actually see. Focusing on what we ultimately want to create.

As you and I read these over the next few days I am challenging each leader on the team to define what you believe to be your person vision statement, and also define the vision for our team. We are going to discuss where we are heading as a group, and after Tuesday we will hopefully have a galvanizing vision of our bright futures together.

Please share your thoughts

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