Sling, squeeze and Side Action

Team AOJ,

What a fired up seminar last night, and I can feel the excitement building as our numbers are consistently growing.  Each seminar a different branch of the AO tree sprouts new buds of enthusiasm and leads the charge of each one reach one.  I cannot wait until March when branch doubles their numbers together!  Every memeber of the team should look at their numbers from last night and map our their next 30 days with specific intent to double up.  If you went team 10, then team 25 is your goal. If you were turbo 5 then turbo 10 is the goal.  The key is starting today!  We can bank on the fact that no one has plans booked for the evening of March 12, so they are free to attend our next seminar!

In order to knock over the next domino in our plan we must get all AO tap legs 10 deep by the end of this month.  We have heard of teams going 10 deep in one week, and I wanted to explain just how sling, squeeze and side action work to build numbers quickly. Here are the steps…

  1. Get as many people in a tap leg to consistently show 4 plans a week.  (We have this now)
  2. Encourage everyone to listen to Team 537 “Contacting and showing the plan” in order to master getting “MAYBE’S”.  Each apprentice team member should strive to get pre-applications and permission to call back if we get a yes.  
  3. The leaders of the leg should have the specific intent to get a “YES” … The Sling!
  4. The Sling
  5. Once we get the “YES”, the leaders should coordinate the calls back to the MAYBE list to SQUEEZE them in before the YES.  Once we get a MAYBE to become a YES… Then we have two YES’S to SQUEEZE the rest… repeat and go 10 deep in a week!
The Squeeze

The key is will enough people master the plan enough to get a maybe?  I know that the leaders will get a yes eventually, so the squeeze can occur.  A championship team should be looking to squeeze 2-3 people a week.  The SIDE ACTION is when a leader can duplicate the Sling and the Squeeze in their second leg.  Do that and you are heading for the top of this industry. 

We are going to double our numbers… 200 LIVES will be affected on March 12th, and we are heading back to the major to take over Milwaukee.  Stay fired up and focused on numbers! God bless you AO!


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