The Power of each 1 reach 1 (EORO)


I am still a buzz from the weekend with Orrin and Laurie. We had a chance to spend some time with them discussing the awesome environment that we have to leverage in St. Louis. Orrin encouraged me to encourage our team to start to build numbers in the system and get ready for the explosion. Here are Orrin’s recommendations for the team:

  • Start to build the habit of four plans per week.
  • Get a buzz going in the room on Tuesday by getting there early and staying late. Bringing guests and introducing them to your business partners.
  • Help your new people go SUPERSTAR!

And finally learn to promote the Seminar as the most important piece to building lasting communities. I want to use a fantastic leader as an example… Joy Saverson barely missed Turbo 5 at this past seminar, but she did get her new couple to the Seminar with Orrin. The husband of the couple was not excited, and would not let Joy rotate the pattern quickly. Joy had her tickets in hand because she is a leader on Standing order ticket, and so she was able to put those tickets into her new couples hands two weeks before the seminar. They came to hear the Woodward’s, got fired up , and now Joy was able to sit down with them on Sunday, book a house plan for this weekend, and she is making calls with them tomorrow. Joy is learning how to let the system and environment do the work, and I know that she is getting ready for the explosion. Keep leading Joy, and Team we should all follow her lead and run for a specific ticket goal for January… EORO!

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