Walk it out!

Team AOJ1,

I am home fresh from an exciting Men’s Leadership, and I am on fire after hearing from the leading men on the TEAM as they expounded on their dreams and defined our corporate purpose.  I am always impressed with the passion and talents of this team, and I am more certain today that we are heading for an explosion!  We had men sharing from their hearts tonight on how God has blessed each of us to live through life’s twists and turns, ups and downs long enough to land on this great team.  Dave, Marty, Edd, Ted, Ed, Aaron, Tommy, James, Jerry, Joe, Kevan, Larry and Colby all spoke with great passion tonight, and Ted Hewing sparked an idea that I want to cultivate into the team.

Ted spoke of purpose in the sense that we are all a finished product from God’s perspective.  As the Creator and Sustain-er of all life, God knows our finish, and He has worked out all of the details before time began.  We are called as Ted put it to simply “walk it out“,  “it” being our purpose, our God given assignment, our destiny.  “Walking it out” exercises the actual steps of faith necessary to please God and ultimately bring glory to His name. Chris Brady spoke of moving outside of our comfort zones and into the learning zone, and tonight I heard a group of leaders committing to do just that.  Men who have made the decision to put their purpose and calling down on paper, and as Larry Cheatham said, “speak blessings and not curses” over our lives.  I heard from a group of men that have bought into what Joe Clarke stated in the meeting… “Our destinies demand diligence!”  We heard from the book of James that our big obstacles are not too big for God!”.  Kevan shared from the heart that “we are never too old for God’s purpose.”  Jerry said that God is a restorer, and that he is no longer willing to look backwards in life, he is looking forward.  Tommy spoke of the impact that the team is having on his daughters, and Edd Paul inspired me to dream of greatness and stop wasting God’s time.  Dave talked about God’s heroes, and Aaron spoke of the power of seeing God’s vision come to pass.  Marty inspired all of the men to stand up and do something about our country, And Colby wrapped up the night boldly stating that this is TEAM AOJ1’s house, and anyone attached to this organization can count on the windows of Heaven opening up and pouring out an abundance of blessings!

As we move forward I want to encourage everyone on this team to “Walk It Out!”, in the Bible, God promised Abraham that he would inherit any land that he set his foot upon, and that same promise is given to us through the eyes of faith.  The next time you are scared to make the contact, walk it out, and open your mouth.  The next plan you show, open up your heart, and walk it out by sharing your passion.  The next book you read, or CD you listen to, walk it out by learning to do more and get better. The next Open or Seminar, you attend, walk it out by having a guest. The next time you feel defeated, walk it out by re-visiting your dream.  The next person that tells you no, walk it out by making the next phone call. The next time life knocks you down to your knees, walk it out by saying a prayer, and getting up.  The next time you lose it all, remember, you still have God, and He still has you, so walk it out by shouting I’ll be back!  Walk this thing out because it is worth it!  You are not on this team by accident, you are here on purpose! Stretch, grow, change and know that living in the comfort zone is not pleasing to God.  We are all called to step out of the comfort zone and WALK by faith, and not by sight.  Let’s walk this thing OUT!

6 thoughts on “Walk it out!”

  1. Raymond I too am still very excited coming home from the mens L A T meeting last night.The raw testimony from several of the LEADERS that where there,really make me feel good as a man to know that I am associated with some of the best outstanding leaders on team AOJ1 and I also am proud to have THREE of the best team LEADERS to learn from Colby Potts,Raymond Abernathy and Larry Cheatam.A/O we are a Blessed organization lets get out there and pay it forward or as Ted put it WALK IT OUT!!see you at the TOP

  2. Like you said Big Dog “it doesn`t take faith to live in the comfort zone.” “Walking it out” requires faith and faith pleases GOD. Friday night was great, a room full leaders speaking blessings over their future. Committing to bring it to pass by “WALKING IT OUT”! Believing what the word of GOD says about us is the first step to getting it done!

  3. Whew…sound like a powerful night. I believe with all that is in me that AOJ1 is poised for an explosion. We have all that we need to get this thing done. What is this thing? YOU get to decide that and whatever each of us decides IT is, IT all ties together with the corporate AOJ1 vision to lead the growth and the development of the TEAM in the midwest. Your part matters! Your presence matters. Your plans matter. Together we will Achieve More!

    Tina A

  4. What a blessing and incredible example of Leadership these men are to us (me). Thank you for blazing the trail guys and passing along your belief.

  5. Now I love the comments coming in!!! Let's continue to spend a little time with the author through his writings. Awesome blog entry Raymond!!!

    Larry Cheatham

  6. Raymond I absorbed this blog. With every open and monthly seminar I am learning that I am going through the same struggles and realizing that with true effort and commitment and passion I too shall overcome these obstacles to again see a vision of mine to completion. Thank you and your Lovely wife, Tina, for being great mentors and friends.

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