Necessities of the many…

Team Alpha Omega

Team AO,

Saturday morning I had the pleasure of driving my high school sophomore daughter to an area band competition.  She is a wonderful flutist, and her duet was amazing to witness.  The competition was held at one of the oldest private boarding schools in the St. Louis area, and as she warmed up, I had a chance to snoop around the hallways of exclusive institution founded in 1898.  Tuition ranges from $14,000 to $18,000 per year, from pre-K through to high school. As I walked the halls, I thought of the small number of people who could afford to send their children to a school of this caliber.  What differentiates this very expensive education from the education that most middle class children receive in public schools?  How could it possibly be worth that type of  investment even before college?

As I snapped pictures of my daughter from my cell…

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