How is your culture?

wavepoolTeam AO,

A few summers ago my family and I drove to Orlando for a visit five day to Disney. I have often heard people say that Disney is a once in a lifetime deal, and for me, once was enough!  The heat was stifling and the herds of people in and out of the parks were enough to fill my Disney cup.  With my wife, three kids and my mother, it would have cost us a fortune to visit all of the parks individually, so we purchased the park-hopper passes.  Which only meant the “joy” of hell like heat, frustrated pushy crowds, and fatigue could be spread across the entire vacation.  My family all being of the darker skin tones were fighting for shade like flies on rotten meat, so anytime “water park” was mentioned I was all in!

One day, we decided that we would take on the heat of the day and visit the TYPHOON LAGOON!  This huge park offers nothing but water rides and we traversed the entire park in the span of 4 hours, getting soaked only to be quickly dried by the blazing sun. All day we heard this loud sucking noise followed by screams of terror.  The kids diligently sought out this last adventure fitly named the Surf Pool.  I will do my best to describe this death trap for those who have not experience this amazing feat of engineering. Imagine a pool the size of a football field, cascading from 15 feet deep at the one end, to a one foot deep kiddie pool. At the deep end there is a huge wall formed to look like a busted dam and toward the other end little tots with soggy diapers splashing with their parents. In this pool you find everyone from expert swimmers to those prone to drowning at any moment, all awaiting the fear of the tidal wave.  Every 90 seconds without warning a loud sucking sound shakes the entire park.  Unbeknownst to the poor first-timers(me), a massive tsunami was being created under the pool and the result was a massive 20 foot wave towering toward the now terrified swimmers. A wave so big and so fast that there was no way to outrun it, and the everyone from the least to the greatest was engulfed and carried away by this massive wave. The first time it hit me I thought I was prepared, but it tossed me like a rag doll about 30 feet in the opposite direction.  After several waves, and a fair amount of swallowed water, I got the knack of riding this wave.  Terror turned to exuberance as we learned how to ride this the wave faster and further.

I tell this story to help you and I more clearly seen the possibilities that LIFE offers each of us.  Our world is full of people buried under the stifling heat of debt, failed relationships, and dead-end careers.  The Founders of LIFE have created a tsunami of information and we are seeking individuals who want to prosper in these compensated communities. On our march toward a million people we are seeking leaders willing to create more huge cultural waves across this continent . Leaders willing to serve and inspire the fearful, as we usher them into an environment where LIFE can be truly experienced.  A culture where edification, duplication and positive association are the norm and everyone is welcome.

Webster’s Dictionary defines culture

5a : the integrate pattern of human knowledge, belief, and behavior that depends upon the capacity for learning and transmitting knowledge to succeeding generations.

This definition of culture caused me to think about the patterns, knowledge, beliefs, and behaviors that I inherited from creators of this current culture.  Orrin Woodward often likens a culture to the current of a swimming pool.  Leaders jump into the pool and begin creating patterns, information, beliefs, and behaviors that they feel are important factors for success within the realities of their world. Those that eventually find themselves joining that culture, naturally adopt the flow of knowledge, beliefs and behaviors of their predecessors. This can be an awesome inheritance, if the principles used to define the culture are still relevant or, it can be a curse if the ideas are now obsolete or antiquated.  Motive becomes important in examining the creators of culture. Often greed, pride, and power become the motive for the creation of culture, and tragically the “culture” can devolve into a “cult”. With all of that in mind, have your ever examined the culture in which we live and operate today? Who created our current culture?  What where their motives? Is it still relevant and principle based?

For many Americans, the current culture is too painful to even dissect.  The liberal media blames the cultural decline on conservative greed, and the far right decry the liberals for a culture of entitlement.  We find ourselves smack dab in the middle of a cultural landslide and our “leaders” are pointing fingers, while the nation’s pattern, ideas, beliefs and behaviors spawn what now can be called generational failures.

But there is hope, there is something in today’s environment that is causing the masses of people to question the merits of the current culture.  Factors like technology, the global economy, and information distribution serve as fertilizer for a land ready for a group of leaders to lead the creation of a new culture. The LIFE company provides the malcontent with a foundation of leadership and character and a three-strand cord of ideas, beliefs, and behaviors based upon Godly principles so that we can reverse the state  of decline.

Every new day brings an opportunity for you to decide if you are sick and tired of floating downstream towards impending disaster or will you decide to lead your way toward a bright new future.  Our world has plenty of critics, plenty of managers sitting back trying to direct the efforts of others.  What we need are leaders that will do the hard work of swimming against the current.  Leaders willing to invest time ,money, and labor into the development of people and systems that will serve as the foundation to a new beginning. I am committed to this good work , and I am more determined to swim against entitlement, to swim against greed, and start the current going in the direction of excellence and interdependence.  I am determined to do more culture creation. Every night I ask myself this question…If someone jumped into my pool, would they drown? Would they float aimlessly? Or would they get caught up in a wave of momentum that propels them toward the life they have always wanted to live? How is your culture?


  1. Excellent article Mr. Abernathy!

    Everyone can talk a good game, point fingers and criticize others. Yet the culture I subscribe to and will perpetuate doesn’t have to say much at all because it’s sacrifice, diligence to personal responsibility and it’s innate sense of service calls out to anyone looking to listen, change and grow!

    Make it Do what It do!

  2. Great article Raymond. We made the decision once and jumped into the Life pool, got with the current and our decision still stands. The only way the current and culture will continue is to have committed leaders like those on AO that have shown their dedication to stay through thick and thin. Success will not be denied to those who persist!

  3. Raymond,
    Excellent in transferring a feeling, I almost drown. Then to turn it into a LIFE lesson, in my eyes, is excellence at its best. Keep up the Great work and post. GOD Bless.
    Jim Carthy

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