PV Partying!





Team AO,

What a great time had by all at the October 200 PV party! The nature scavenger hunt and the Elephant game were awesome… Team AO Journey led by Larry Cheatham took home both trophies! See you ALL in NOVEMBER!

As we build for the next 30 days of belief, please leave your daily updates on this blog as comments. ¬†Operation 180 (15 Plans a month and 3 CD’s a day) is in full effect as we close out 2013 strong!


  1. Outstanding job by Round Tables Raymond and Tina Abernathy. Enjoyed the 200 PV party – the games and people were outstanding. Mad props to Larry and Monte and Ashley for going Power Player. I’m fired up and can’t wait for November 17 for next PV party.

    Operation 180 – listened to 3 cds and read yesterday.
    listened to 3 cds, read, and have shown a plan today.

  2. Man it was a good time seeing some of the AO kids and of course you grown folk too..lol The elephant trunk game was hilarious……u missed it!

    Looking forward to having more AO up and coming leaders hanging with up monthly at the 200 pV parties.

    OPERATION 180 in effect for MONDAY and Today…also made a contact.


  3. operation 10-5 p…oh 180 in full effect was a great time for team members to get together and fellowship, still can,t see how those elephants do it with that snout.smile

  4. The listening to CD’s always shows up at the open meeting. Great job getting guests out last night, now let’s finish strong this last wek and break some new powerplayers! PPF, MOXI, JOURNEY who is going to represent your team as a powerplayer?

  5. Got my 3 cd’d in tuesday and 2 plans and on my way out the door this morning listening to a cd before my plan at 12:30p this afternoon. should be commenting back here again a bit later today! OPERATION 180!!!

  6. Had a great plan yesterday and got in my CD’s! Let’s start sharing what CD impacted us the most and why..What did we learn and how we plan on implementing it…Fired up AO Leaders…You leaders that are in Operation 180 will be the ones that we will help build lasting businesses and earned your freedom!

  7. Operation 180 thru TODAY. The CD’s that I am enjoying the most right now is Chris and TErri Meritocracy, Matrix and Manhood. Phenomenal barely describes the thinking Chris lays out on moving thru the levels of leadership as it applies to our business. Love it!

  8. Operation 180 – 3 cds and 1 plan. One particular cd that I listened to was The Farce Side of Life to remind me to have fun and a contagious smile to pass on to others!

  9. 3 cds today from the Top 50 pack, set 4 “Greatest Hits.” Hearing all the mistakes and challenges along the way from folks that are making it big now makes it that much easier to go be bad to get good.

    1. Read “The Magic of Thinking Big”. Listened to 3 cds from The Top 50 set 2 Master the Basics 2 plans today Operation 180 complete

  10. Operation 180 for Saturday, October 12 – 3cds +1 plan. Forgiveness cd by Bill Lewis … to forgive others you have to first forgive yourself and if you can’t figure that out then oneness. Find a rock remover and not a rock thrower.

  11. Operation 180 complete – Apprenticeship Pack +1 plan. Rereading Team Builder’s Textbook. CD of interest was Turn Your Rejections Into Energy by Orrin & Laurie – one’s opinion does not make it a reality. The more they talk, the more we walk!

  12. Did finish my 3 cds last night to close out set 4 of the top 50–learning that speed and timing count. Showed a third plan. Missed a 4th because she rescheduled. Pdca…overbook.

  13. Operation 180 – read + 10 cds (top 50-set 2) back to the basics: Attitude Weed Seed – stop it before it grows and Attitude of a Winner – believe you so can do this; TALK to your elephant the right way and not be denied; dream build more!

  14. Reading Magic of thinking Big and rereading each day “A plan for self-development and growth”. The What of personal training and the How of your plan development and growth. The most important part of training Get Results. Operation 180 complete. Talked with the principal at my school and gave him a Edge cd.

  15. Operation 180 done yesterday and today. Finishing up the last set of the top 50 and working through the power player pack again. Set one appointment and one invite to Tuesday night.

  16. Operation 180 – 3 CDs, 2 plans shown, still reading all my books each night. Staying with the information while creating lists and contacting… Let’s go!

  17. Operation 180
    Tuesday … 5 cds, read, 1 plan – some interest to incorporate the marriage, parents and finance information at my church

    Wednesday … 5 cds, read and made some calls

  18. listened to 3cds Thursday before leaving for the major and read.
    Listened to than 3 cd’s on the way to Major
    Listened to 3cd on the way home from the major

  19. Operation 180

    Thursday, October 17 – 3 cds +1 plan
    Friday, October 18 – heading to leadership conference 10 cds
    Sunday, October 20 – 3 cds

  20. Awesome major! It’s 3:15pm and so far 1 plan, 3 cd’s, 1 follow through, 1 yes, 1 dvd called 90 seconds to save a life already in the books… The day is still young so there is still 2 more follow throughs and 1 more plan to go!!! OPERATION 180, CHARGE!!!

  21. Two plans and 3 cds (so far)…Wayne MacNamar’s “Sturgeon Law Breaker” is FIRED UP!! WOO HOO to my fellow partners in crime!

  22. We’re still on 3 CD’s per day (9 total and counting for week), plans shown on Monday and Wednesday of this week! We’re rolling! – Nick & Phyllis

  23. Thursday and today we’ve been on our 3 CDs, Phyllis showed a plan Thursday and Nick showed a plan today! Operation 180 in full effect team. – Nick & Phyllis

  24. Friday 3 cds, Satursay 5….Culture pack…”The seeds of our lives are our thoughts. We have no choice over what our life produces once we have chosen our thoughts.” Laurie Woodward

  25. 2 cds, 1 plan and a metrolink ride home from an exciting game…there was a family of Red Sox fans on the train who commented on what a great experience for them it had been to be in our city. Tho we were all disappointed, there was a definite feel of shaking off the dust and getting ready for the next game. That’s how to “lose” in a winning culture.

  26. Listened to 3cds. 2 of them got me Fired Up. “Sturgeon Law Breaker” by Wayne MacNamara and “Run the Play” by Curtis Spolar. Showed a plan and 1 new contact.

  27. Friday 3cds Monday 3cds Had the honor of having the Fabulous, Awesome Joy Saverson.Assist me with a plan this evening She did a Phenomenal!! Job we Booked a FT got a pre app.And as well as got the young lady to come out on Saturday.Thanks so much Joy Joy.And also Rodney for Monday 3ds and he has a guest coming out toTuesday open and a plan for sunday.

  28. 3 CDs each night, pushing plans, making new friends…reading had increased. Power Player! Let’s get it everyone – Nick & Phyllis

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