It’s a party!

20130914_173641-1_resizedTeam AO,

Fun is a major part of building and sustaining LIFE communities. I believe that our organization has more fun than most because we have such a cast of hilarious characters that make our PV parties a blast. Last month we had the first annual TEAM AO “Wing team building thing” competition, and our fabulous cooks had 10-12 varieties of chicken wings that were delicious. Linda Johnson and Leslie Ward created a fabulous board game that we believe will be a staple at our parties and in our businesses.  Sheila Gray, representing Team AO MOXI, took home the top Wingmaster award with Jerry Harrison and Joy Saverson coming in second and third place!

As we build our communities, all leaders understand that we need to carve out time for rest, relaxation and recreation, and our monthly 200 PV parties provide the perfect environment for warriors that have been hitting it hard.  We invite everyone to our next 200 PV party on October 6, 2013.  This meeting will combine a business launch at 4PM followed by the party for all September qualifiers. What fun, creative, dangerous and exciting activity can we dream up next?  You will just have to qualify and see, but it promises to be a exciting time!  Here’s a hint…Seek and Find? BUHAAHAAHAAAA…(in my mad scientist voice)!


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed last month’s PV party. I GAME was amazing and the volleyball competition was fierce. Sorry Monte and crew better luck next time…:)

    Now, about the “wangs” they were all off the chain and it was toooooo much fun tasting and rating them all. Great job Sheila and Team MOXI and I can’t help but give honorable mention to Gerry Kena and their crew too.

    GEt your 200 PV this month and see you in October.

  2. ray and marie had a great time with the awesome group sharing thoughts and playing games and volleyball. can’t wait to see what raymoond and tina have for us in Oct.

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