Meet, Greet, Eat , and Compete

Team AO,

According to Harvard research, the number one skill that separates innovative leaders from non-productive leaders  is “associating”: the ability to successfully connect seemingly unrelated questions, problems, or ideas from different fields or leaders. We had the pleasure of associating with all of the Team AO leaders that are in the hunt for Powerplayer, yesterday at our 200 PV party.  These parties will be the backbone of our organization because we know that the leaders that are committed to the bundles, customers, and subscriptions will also be the go-getters that share the plan consistently, and go powerplayer.  If association is the key to success, then these leaders are well on their way to being our Powerplayer qualifiers at the October Major.  Orrin gave us a great format for association that I believe sums up our motto of have fun, make money, and make a difference.

  1. Great leaders always Meet to re-align with the vision and gather pertinent information toward profitability and growth.  Nothing is more encouraging to the human soul than meeting with like-minded friends.
  2. The Bible encourages us to be given to hospitality, and as we Greet one another, that warmth allows our relationships to develop past the surface and take root.
  3. To Eat is just plain fun…you and I have never seen an angry person eating! We have great cooks on this team.  (Sheila’s salad and Scott’s 25 year age balsamic vinegar were awesome!)
  4. Teams that gather together to compete in fun activities will forge bonds that spill over into producing result in our business.

20130811_184430I encourage everyone to earn their way into this exclusive leadership environment.  Producing 200 PV is essential in developing a business that duplicates and produces faster growth. You cannot qualify for bonuses, incentive trips nor powerplayer with this volume requirement every month!  Go to our Downloads page and print off the powerplayer check list and invite yourself to next month’s party on September 14th. We would love to meet, greet, eat and compete with you next month.  If you attended the party in August, please leave a comment telling us who you had the pleasure to meet, who greeted you, what you just had to eat, and how you helped compete in the 10 foot egg drop!


  1. The 200pv party was so much fun! Although it wasn’t my first time meeting Donna and Russ, it was my 1st time hearing their dreams and the passion they displayed touched my heart. All the food was great! And even tho Raymond dropped my teams egg from a higher level than everyone else…lol I don’t plan on ever missing a 200pv party! 🙂

  2. I think this was a great PV party. I spent some time asking Laurie last weekend about conducting these and making them fun, educational and bonding and I know we did all three. To see so many in attendance was great. But to feel the heart of Alpha Omega leaders like Jasmine…Mike & Sherri just to name a few was outstanding. Here we GROW….

  3. OMG, You’ve got to be there to understand. The documentary had everyone crying (except James – his eyes were sweating). The take aways from the documentary were excellent as they relate to life in general and to the LIFE business. The food was delish and the association was off the charts. I was especially moved by Linda’s passion and posture. I can’t wait to taste the wings at next month’s party – we gone kick some b*&%! (and yes, Joy, Raymond did drop our egg from a higher level than everyone else) –

  4. This was the best 200 PV Party I’ve ever been to. The people were great; the food was good; the movie was outstanding (I don’t care what Danielle says – I wasn’t crying). And for the record, Raymond dropped my team’s egg from a higher height than everyone else’s. We had a ball and can’t wait to see all of AOJ1 at the next one.

  5. The 200 PV Party was OMAZING ( I spelled it incorrectly on purpose :D) It was just a blessing to fellowship with the leaders of my AO family and hear each one passion. I learned a lot from this and also became more determined to help our team succeed! Love you all!!!!

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