Who do you hang out with?

hangoutTeam AO,

After a fired up meeting last night, I am still excited about the vision that Orrin painted for the future of the LIFE company! I once heard it said that if you take the average income of your five closest associates, it will be pretty close to your income.  With that being said some of us are on our way to getting a raise!  A group of AO leaders earned a chance to hangout out via Google with Orrin in an intimate setting. We shared our hopes, dreams and obstacles with a man who has helped countless others overcome their Goliaths on their way to success.  We cannot wait for the release of Orrin’s next top seller Leadershift! Larry Cheatham, Colby Potts,  James and Danielle Douglass, Leslie Ward, Sean Thomas, Melanie Walker, and Pete and Janice Bailey were able to be counseled by Orrin for an hour of wisdom that was priceless.

When you see these leaders congratulate them on being in the hunt, and I know after last night we have turned the corner and created a culture of results, Orrin inspired us all with stories of amazing growth in the organization, and he is committed to working only with AO leaders ready to move on!  Will you be on the next Google Hangout?  Check out the Promotions page for the qualifications…


  1. Hanging out with Orrin was amazing,to see the passion in him for our team to go out and win fired all of us up! We all know the play let’s go out and run it.L 30-10-5-p powerplayer aaaaoooo!!!!!!

  2. What a powerful hour shared with Orrin! To personally see in his eyes the commitment, wisdom, and passion for AO and our leaders was definitely food for the goose! Power Player is the play!

  3. Hangin out with Big O was awesome!!! He gave us great nuggets and shared some amazing recent stories for us to get out here and grow AO..I’ve never seen a man so dedicated to something. He believes in our team and our leaders and wants AO leaders RT and PC. We know what we have to do and we have awesome leaders to help us so lets jus get it done!!! L 30 10 5 P!!!!

  4. Hanging out with Orrin and the AO leaders that qualified was phenomenal. Orrin has amazing passion and is going to work with Raymond and Tina to see them all the way to PC. The next stop for them is RT. Orrin shared the amazing story of Curtis and Debbie Spolar’s accomplishment and some intimate stories of a couple of their teammates that was truly encouraging and inspiring.

    Guys – Raymond and Tina have made the decision to move on; why not be a part of their success. Do your part and move on too. Will you be on the next hang out? Raymond has shared the qualifications to get on that call.Do what you have to do to be there and we’ll see you at the TOP!

  5. Congratulations to all the AO leaders who made the qualifications to hang out with Orrin. We recently heard on our media from Orrin to read, listen, associate and Laurie said to implement what we learn also. We have adopted this pattern to move forward in the Team Life process.

  6. There are those that will never understand the value of getting access to someone with the results of an Orrin Woodward. A glimps into how he thinks should never be taken for granted. What an opportunity to learn from what others with results we want are doing right! Raymond and Tina keep leading. I appreciate your friendship, your committment to this team and your business partnership . Opportunities like the one presented via the google hangout must always be pursued by the student. (ME)

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