Team AO,

six-million-dollar-man-better-stronger-www-goodguycomics-comSome of my contemporaries are old enough to remember when television and science fiction was more interesting than brain eating zombies.  As a kid, I remember watching Star Trek, and Mission Impossible with awe and amazement.  I could not wait for the day in which I could beam myself down to some remote planet like Captain Kirk and defeat the forces of evil.  My favorite show was the “Six Million Dollar Man”, for my readers too young to remember Steve Austin was an astronaut that crashed to Earth barely alive. A secret agency rebuilt him into a crime stopping half man, half robot with “bionic” powers. Steve Austin was outfitted with a bionic left eye featuring an amazing 20.2:1 zoom lens along with a night vision function. His Bionic legs allowed him to run 60 mph and make great leaps.  Finally, he was given a bionic right arm with the equivalent strength of a bulldozer.  These features made Steve Austin my favorite and most imitated super hero, and the lyrics to his theme song still fires me up…

Steve Austin, astronaut: a man barely alive
Gentlemen we can rebuild him
We have the technology
We have the capability to make the worlds first bionic man
Steve Austin will be that man
Better than he was before
Better, Stronger, Faster

I filled countless summer days longing to be better than my competitors, stronger than my enemies, and faster than my peers. I wanted those super hero qualities so badly, that I was willing to endure crashing my spacecraft into the earth to see if I would be re-built like Steve Austin.

It was a sad day when I realized that science fiction was not reality, and that I must learn to be content with the gifts that I had been given.  At some point most of us adults come to our senses and stop dreaming of being better, stronger and faster. We resign ourselves to “pretty good” or “just getting by”. I can distinctly remember being at the point when the concepts of servant leadership, entrepreneurial vision, and teamwork were introduced to me through the teachings of Orrin Woodward.  I began reading good books, listening to inspiring stories and teachings on audio recordings and associating with people who were striving to be better, stronger and faster.  Over the years, I have been able to better see the plan that God has for my life. Seeing past my obstacles and past failures long enough to get a glimpse of the possibilities that LIFE offers.  In time, I have learned to develop stronger disciplines and relationships in many critical areas of my life. With patience, I have learned that it’s not always about being faster than my peers, it’s more important to learn to run with my peers and toward team greatness. Eyes to see, legs to run and arms to fight for a better future are all possible to develop given the right technology, tools and information.

A dream is the magical ingredient that can transform a child’s fiction into an adult reality. Today there are millions of people who have crash landed and are barely clinging to life.  We may not be able to help them see through walls or leap over buildings, but we can help save a marriage, and restore a family. We may not be able to instantly make everyone wealthy, but we can help everyone run to remove personal debt.  LIFE does not offer “bionic” quick fixes to our problems, but it does offer better solutions, stronger relationships and faster personal growth. We have the technology(LIFE Company), we have the capability(LIFE Training), and together we all can grow to be better…better than we were before.


  1. The Six Million Dollar Man was before my time but I’m glad that LIFE wasn’t! Thank you Raymond for introducing Jennie & me to the TEAM!

  2. great job as usual and I guess I qualify as one of those people who remember steve Austin,swat,shazam, johnny socko hahaha you get my drift and I have to agree that team life has made me seem better stronger as well faster by being a part of team A/O we have been blessed by this business that orrin has created to give us a path to freedom and not only that we can bring alone family ,friends and others.walk a mile see a mile

  3. Good stuff mr ray. Im too young to remember the six million dollar man but I cannot forget how this LIFE Company has changed my life and others lives.

  4. Now that’s going way back! How about for the ladies … the Bionic Woman! Replacing her ear, an arm and both legs with bionic ones! That’s the “bionic” hope that Orrin and LIFE has given me and the great association. With the team system I am truly enjoying my personal growth that is teaching me “bionic” ways to not only listen more, but to hear what is being said, arms to reach back with the help of a team and help people to live the life they always wanted, and legs to walk a mile and see a mile. I’m just beginning to scratch the surface of an awesome journey. Glory be to God, all of our “bionic” leaders, and the team training system. Well done as usual “Bionic Leader” Raymond!

  5. Well…….. I’m not too young to remember the Bionic Man and Bionic Woman. Just the mention of those programs takes me back to a happier time in the world. As I think back on those programs, they were giving us “what if” and possibility thinking. They were demonstrating what could be done when a caring hero stepped into the lives of those suffering and delivered them out of a situation. We’re not super heroes, but we (LIFE members) are servant leaders who step into the lives of people to offer hope, a vehicle to help them out of situations and the dream of achieving things they had given up on. Thanks Raymond for the trip down memory lane to a place in time that was less stressful and happier.

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