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A few years ago, I was blessed to hear a wonderful sermon entitled “Experience or Exposure” from a visiting minister at our church, and I thought I would share some of his points with the team. People are very strange creatures! Anyone that has shown the LIFE  plan would agree that it is very easy to assume that everyone in the world is strange, and on the flip side, after you leave someone’s home they are thinking that you are a little weird as well. We are unique creatures in the sense that we can all hear and experience the same information, live through the same circumstances, and yet each of us will develop a unique perspective of the same event or opportunity. Other creatures were not created to enjoy such freedoms. For example, Bill Lewis tells the story of the five monkeys…
macacosOnce a group of scientists wanted to study the habits of a set of chimpanzees, and track the individuals in the group as they were exposed to adverse conditioning. So they put the monkeys in a cage and set a large bunch of bananas at the top of a latter in the cage. Eventually the first monkey (the leader) ran to the ladder and as he climbed toward the bananas the scientists sprayed the other four monkeys with a powerful water hose, causing them much pain and discomfort. So after a few days of one monkey eating and four getting doused, a strange thing happened. As one monkey headed for the ladder the other four jumped him and pounded him into submission. Therefore, none of the monkeys would ever try to climb because they had been conditioned to expect a beat down from the others. The scientist then over the next five days replaced one of the original monkeys with a new monkey and sure enough, he would run for the bananas and catch a beat down for trying to eat. Eventually, all of the original monkeys were replaced one at a time with a new  monkey that had never been sprayed with water, but yet they too were conditioned not to try to climb and eat the available fruit. They just sit there scratching their heads wondering why they are hungry when food is available. 
So what does that have to do with experience or exposure? Monkeys cannot differentiate between experience and exposure. Conversely the replacement monkeys only experienced the pain associated with the beat down. Only the original monkey was exposed to the water spraying for trying to climb. In the end, with monkeys the result is the same…no bananas!
But we human being are not like monkeys. For example, have you ever poured your cereal, and reached for the milk only to see thick clumps fall into your bowl? Now we all know that the milk is spoiled, rancid, yucky and gross…so why do we smell it? The experience of the lumps falling on our Captain Crunch was not enough, we human beings must be exposed to the smell before we believe. Or, have you ever had one of those really bad chest colds, and after three days of soup and rest it finally starts to break up, and you reach for a box of tissue to blow your nose. After the trumpeting ends, we all know that the tissue is soiled with all kinds of unappealing colors and consistencies, but sure enough we pry it open to take a gander anyway! Again experience requires exposure before we believe.
So now that you all are thoroughly disgusted, let me bring home my point. Everyone reading this now, has had the pleasure of experiencing some of what the LIFE has to offer in the areas of the 8 F’s(Faith, Family, Finances, Friends, Freedom, Fitness, Following and Fun). We all have had the experience of listening to a CD by Chris Brady and reading books written by Orrin Woodward.  But the question begs, have we had an exposure that moves us to believe that LIFE offers life changing information? We are not like the monkeys! We cannot learn from experience only. Our minds have been created by God with the ability to reason. And that reasoning allows us to make rational choices about the direction our life follows.  Experience then exposes us to new ideas that provide feedback and corrective action. Unfortunately we live in a world that regards us as monkeys, and we are all taught not to think, not to reason, not to make rational decisions. A lot of times we are like the new monkeys, we base our decisions and inaction on experiences that we have never had. We judge the LIFE business based upon an experience that someone else had in some other business. We evaluate people based upon what we heard on the evening news in regard to the latest business failure.
I am coining a new term…whenever a human being makes irrational decisions based upon the unseen experiences of others they doing the Monkey-scratch.  Here are a few examples of the monkey-scratch…
“Only the people at the top make the money, and my boss said it’s a pyramid…scratch scratch
“Those people have you brainwashed, and I could never build that business because my company does not allow me to do any outside businesses”…scratch scratch
“My uncle did one of those and I told him be careful they are trying to get your hopes up”…scratch scratch
“I have never heard of this, and all of these thing eventually saturate”…scratch scratch
As you can see monkey scratching is illogical. Our success is not, nor has it ever been based upon the failures of others. Every successful person has had to learn to ignore the monkeys and press on toward their dreams by thinking rationally, and working diligently. We too can develop this success principle by not only experiencing new information from the LIFE Training system, but by also taking that new information into the living rooms of America and exposing possibility thinking to others. Only then can we develop enough belief to ignore the monkeys when they say it sounds too good to be true. Success is a simple as summoning up enough courage to make your way to the ladder, keep fighting off the monkeys trying to keep you from climbing, and place one foot in front of the other as you climb toward your reward. LIFE offers an affordable first step, friends to fight the monkeys with, and a systematic step by step process called powerplayer that propels you upward toward the life you have always wanted. Experience leaves a man aware, while exposure leaves a man anew! Live your life based upon your experiences and exposures, and never sit idly with the monkeys, scratching their heads while greatness sits on top of the ladder waiting for them to climb.
Romans 12:2 Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will know what God wants you to do, and you will know how good and pleasing and perfect his will really is. (NLT)


  1. Great article Raymond..well thought out and well put!

    Monkey scratching…too funny!

    Sitting here reading it and it makes so much sense, yet I now I have come away from plans and follow-thru’s wondering what was wrong with me, why didn’t they get it?

    But with the perspective of this article it reminded me that monkeys will be monkeys. If the monkey wants to eat and has enough “kahuna’s” to evaluate what I have offered on its merits and combine their thinking and working then we have a fit. If not….NEXT!

    I am convinced that we are doing a GREAT thing and no monkey can change that…they will thank us all later!!


  2. Raymond this is amazing. How much “scratching” is too much? Even when a dog itches (fleas – a dog’s “F”) the owner takes care of that issue. My prayer is for those to stop “scratching” and start “stretching” towards LIFE! It’s real, it’s the remedy and readily available! God’s plans are still the same – to prosper you and give you hope, not to harm you “scratching”.

  3. Great post and analogy Raymond. Whenever someone truly experiences the LIFE opportunity and is exposed to this life changing information things can start to happen in a positive way for them. One positive is in realizing the need to separate from those who are satisfied and not interested in moving forward or in the direction we are headed. Separating also from those stuck in the past and unable to change or move with new information. Remember, leave contented people alone but as Orrin says, don’t mind us if we continue to move forward. To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven. Some people come into our lives only for a season and are not meant to be there permanently so we cannot base our future on them. There comes a time when we must believe what our hearts are telling us and to go forward with boldness and specific intent. Our moving forward based on our experience and exposure to this LIFE community may be the saving factor for those we love and care about.

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