A new and different you?

Team AO,

In a world of forces that push toward the commoditization of everything, creating something new and different is the only way to survive. A product unlike ant other can’t be commoditized. A service that reaches deep into the psyche of the buyer can never be purchased solely on price. Creating such products and services was always valuable; now it’s essential. — Talent is overrated by Geoff Colvin

What a great statement that summarizes the world in which we now live.  In a world filled with mediocrity and copycat concepts, it is refreshing to be in a business that provides the products and services described by Geoff Colvin. Often we experience individuals trying to compare their past direct sales business to the LIFE company.  Officially we may share an industry, but our business models are very different.  A product company has the ever-increasing pressure of keeping the products evolving as the world looks to mass produce and copy them.  We see this dynamic in most direct sales companies whether the product be nutritional, cosmetics, lingerie (ling-er-ree), candles, etc. The distributors spend countless hours trying to differentiate their product from among the ever increase marketplace, adding frustration and wasting time trying to convince consumers to by their product.

LIFE has taken a different approach. The most attractive and unique product ever created was you.  No one else shares your exact DNA, fingerprints, voice patterns,  experiences, and emotional needs.  A truly novel idea would be to make our product a new and different you!  A company designed to produce better more fulfilled human beings could never be commoditized because there is only one you. I often encourage individuals to listen to the LIFE materials, read one of the books of the month and attend a LIFE seminar, and ask themselves if they learned anything. If so, then learn more about the business side of our company and join the community.  If a person finds no value in the materials or services, then no big deal.  We are not in the business convincing others of their need for improvement.  As Chris Brady states, “It’s for who it’s for”, and our job is to provide everyone an opportunity to make that decision for themselves.

Traditional education is now producing commoditized cookie cutter graduates, Churches and religious organization are producing paper-thin Christians that commoditized the gospel. Families are producing commoditized men with no chests, and commoditized women that de-value their very unique and valuable roles. Companies are producing commoditized employees that do just enough to not get fired.  For the vast number of people, average results are their best hope, but in LIFE, we believe in individual greatness and the power of a small remnant of leaders committed to service.  We believe in you and your dreams, and our prayer is that you too can fall in love with your God-given potential. Be encouraged!  You LIFE has always been valuable, but now your LIFE is essential.  Do you need a pep talk?


  1. Raymond,

    Absolutely awesome! Loved it..made me want to cry because children I have such a way of capturing the heart. My favorite quote was “If there are two paths, I want to be in the one that leads to awesome..” YES Lord YES creating a better LIFE which ultimately brings you glory.


  2. Great post and Great pep talk. Like Kid President said, we’re all on the same team so let’s get out there and create something awesome for the world! The pep talk is what we are doing in the LIFE business!

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