LIFE at the Tipping Point – Part 3

Team AO,

In the third and final installment of LIFE at the Tipping Point, I want to uncover the last factor that will take our community to its tipping point.  In part one , we looked at the people who help to spread ideas, in part two we examined the characteristics of the idea itself, and now we will uncover the “Power of Context.”

soilThe “Power of Context” has two essential implementations…our environmental context and our social context. Orrin Woodward refers to these two powerful concepts as building and bonding the community. Our physical environment plays a large role in our ability to perform productively. For example, a clean and organized desk will produce an environment where ideas and productivity naturally flow unencumbered. While a messy and disorganized desk will slow down productivity and creativity. In baseball, you will notice that the team with the most organized dugout will often outperform the team that has a pig pen of a dugout.  The power of environmental context states that great people and great ideas can be drastically hampered or amplified by the context in which the idea is exists.  Claude Hamilton often states,  the leader creates the culture and the culture grows the community.  In LIFE, we have adopted a professional dress code and a respectful attitude, we have created an environment  that allows our people to successfully spread our very sticky ideas. Our compensated meeting environments must be protected and valued as a vital part of our community. Poor attitudes(puffy faces), loose lips(cross-lining), and tardiness are factors that will destroy our Open meeting and LIFE Live events, and stifle our growth and momentum.

Social context is defined by our natural human tendency to build communities.  Humans,more than any other creature, have a capacity to live and operate in groups or packs. Our ability to forge mutually beneficial bonds among one another is an amazing phenomenon. Teams accomplish more than individuals, but at some point a team can become too large to be effective.  Gladwell argues that an organization loses it’s ability to operate at capacity at around 150 people.  Any group over 150 people will start to lose the necessary relationships that create the context of win/win situations. In LIFE, the team approach encourages leaders to work together to build one community to the magic number, and then branch off to build others. Leaders progressing through the LLR levels of leadership ensure that the community is optimizing the power of social context. We cannot underestimate the importance of this magic number when it comes to “tipping ideas.”  Groups or teams will read, listen, and associate more fervently when sections of the team branch off and follow leaders that are tipping the culture.

The LIFE Founders have worked hard to create an opportunity where the three factors of the “Tipping Point” are aligned in our favor. We have and are developing the people, our idea is unique, sticky and has legs, and our the context is a refreshing break from the context our society.  Thousands are looking and praying for an opportunity to grow themselves, a business, and others, and we have been called to “tip”  the LIFE company into the mainstream as an answer to those prayers.  Stay hungry my friends. Read everything, listen to everything and attend everything, and we will see you at the top!


  1. That is another great way to summarize what we do and to wrap up the “Tipping point” concept. The opportunity has never been better!! Thanks again mr ray!!

  2. Raymond, what a great way to give “the conclusion of the matter”. While reading your post, the words that kept coming to mind were Professionalism, Character and Integrity. As we continue to build and bond in the LIFE environment, those attributes are a must, non-negotiable and will separate us from the masses. With so much negativity in the world and society, people coming into the LIFE community will need to see and find a great positive environment that’s different from what has become the accepted but negative norm. Team LIFE keep leading in the evironment of Professionalism, Character and Integrity. The world needs us!

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