LIFE at the tipping point…Part 2

connecting-peopleTeam AO,

The first installment of “LIFE at the tipping point” detailed the fascinating human principles that work to “tip” an idea over the edge into the mainstream.  The assumption of the Law of the Few was that the idea itself is viable. Regardless of the competence level of the connectors, mavens and salesman, the idea has to have legs. Today I want to focus on what Malcolm Gladwell calls the stickiness factor!

The stickiness Factor measures how fervently a consumer will stop, pay attention to, remember, act upon, and be loyal to your idea.Trying to quantify what makes a message or idea sticky is a daunting task, a task that demands the rigors of plan, do, check, adjust (PDCA) over time. The industry commonly referred to as “network marketing”, has for years been a game of hit and miss in regards to its’ stickiness.  Many companies have entered the arena, but few have survived the constant pressure necessary to remain sticky.  Most networking companies spend the vast majority of their effort in stimulating and exciting the distributor with style, when the stickiness of the company is better served by supplying substance (The 8 F’s). In short, LIFE has been designed to provide substance with its style as evident by the life changing testimonies of LIFE members.

The LIFE company founders are determined to take the networking industry mainstream by revolutionizing every aspect from the compensation and incentives, to the way in which it builds and the training by which it duplicates. While the rest of the industry tries to implement old non-sticky ideas, the founders of LIFE have a motto that states…”if it’s not broke…let’s break it and make it better!” Here are a few of the innovative ideas unique to LIFE that makes it sticky…

  • A simple compensation plan that shares 70% of the revenue with the field members.
  • Founders that do not take an ownership share of the profits for themselves, but instead they join the field as members.
  • Incentive trips that are attainable for more than just the privileged few.
  • One-time cash awards that have increased for the calendar year.
  • Affordable and applicable products created for the field by the field.
  • Economical enrollment, subscriptions and free customer enrollment.
  • Monetized LIFE Seminars and video training.
  • A team approach that rewards loyalty and incentivizes long-term cooperation.
  • A nationwide support structure to help train and maintain members.
  • Profit sharing on training materials.
  • Streamlined and simple step by step instruction in the LIFE training.

The list could continue, but stickiness is not just about features and benefits.  Stickiness is more about paying attention to the structure and format of our company. Stickiness is more than just profit, it becomes a passion. The LIFE leaders are dealers of hope and purveyors of change. LIFE is sticky because its members stick, and are stuck on affecting one million lives for the better. If our product is your changed LIFE, then rest assured that the LIFE books, CD’s, DVD’s, and Seminars have been structured to provide you with hope for a better tomorrow. Our goal is to package information in a way that individuals will find irresistible.  The LIFE Law of the Few states that there are people out there looking to live a better life, and the LIFE stickiness factor assures that once found they fall in love and stay…when given the right context…Stay tuned for part 3!


  1. Great continuation of the tipping point Raymond. To me the stickiness factor is also an individual call to action. If I don’t decide to stick & get better, I will not be able to package LIFE in a way that”s irrestible to individuals. If I don’t decide to stick & stay I will not be able to reach those persons that have been assigned to me. If I don’t decide to stick and stay I will not be here to do my part in reaching the first stated goal of going to 1 million people. I am duty bound to stick, stay & to get better. Thank you for leading the Charge.

  2. Edd,

    I so appreciate the commitment that you and Rosemary have given to Team AO and the pursuit of your dreams. You both are great Christian examples for all of us to follow. Thanks for sticking!

  3. I agree. The post is so on target, as is Ed’s comment. I am proud to have tangible material that can be used to equip families in redirecting their current situations. We love people wherever they are at and cheer them through every success. Tracy

  4. Tracy,

    You and Joe are an asset to AO, and your heart for people shows in how you serve your teams. You both love everyone so much that they want to stick!

  5. Raymond you are so spot on in this article. So often we run into people who have “been in” these sorts of businesses before and are left with the tacky residue of a prior experience. The LIFE company offers even them stickiness in that they get someone who will come along beside them and help them apply the information in whatever area they desire then that same individual will further bond the sticky substance by building a business with, for and even in spite of them. The crucible of life will loosen the adhesive of even the most sticky substance; yet the LIFE training system is the adhesive glue to keep it all together.

    To 1 million and beyond!

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