The manhood mandate

manTeam AO,

We recently had a group of men assemble to review Orrin Woodward’s best selling book “Resolved…13 Resolutions for Life“, and what a great night of enlightenment.  As each man offered their takeaway nuggets from the book I was reminded just how much life changing content those thirteen resolutions offer.  I was particularly struck by Resolution 13…

I resolve to reverse the current of decline in my chosen field of mastery.

I was in a room full of men that invested years of time and effort, thousands of dollars and many late nights, studying their chosen field of mastery.  For me, I chose to master Computer Science, languages like COBOL, JAVA, C#, PHP, PERL, ASP, VB, and C++, these languages comprise a virtual alphabet soup of mastery that the most staunch nerds could appreciate. In the room we had a doctor, a truck driver, a firefighter, a professional salesman, a police officer, a factory worker, several small business owners, a baker, a custodian, a security guard, and the list goes on.  All men that had mastered their chosen fields, and yet at some point we all realized that we had been created for more. Apart we could only affect our little and often insignificant small circle of influence, but together in a community we realized that their is something bigger that we have been called to master.  Mastery of a job is a great joy and blessing, and men that won’t work will not eat, but in seeing our chosen fields through the eyes of this resolution, I discovered that men have a greater chosen field to master. Computer science can do little to reverse the current of decline in this chosen field.  There aren’t any college courses or trade schools that can teach us the inner workings our newly discovered field of mastery.  Reversing it’s current of decline is probably the single most important task that men should complete.  In that room of diverse men, we realized that our chosen field of mastery is manhood. Regardless of our background, our race, our social status, we were all men, and we all agreed that manhood is in a state of rapid decline.

The dictionary defines manhood as…the condition of being an adult male as distinguished from a child or female. The current of Man playing a video gamedecline in the field of manhood has had catastrophic effects on our nation and our world. Notice in this definition that there is a clear distinction between men, women and children.  Manhood is not about beating our chest and demanding our respect, nor is it about how fast we run or how far we throw a ball.  Manhood is more about the service that we provide for our women and children.  Sadly, the current of decline has redefined manhood, by trying to either feminize men, or relegating them to children. Often I hear wives refer to their husbands as their other child, and often I see men that answer to that title by their commitments to video games and cartoons. We spend hours and millions on sporting events, while our wives and children long for our affection and attention. We will work overtime for a few extra dollars, but we will not spend extra time with those that need us the most. Men today have been distracted, diverted, and duped by a culture that profits from our decline, and manhood seems to be extinct.

So what can we do about this decline? If we as men have invested the best most productive years of our lives to become masters of our occupations, then how much more should we invest in becoming masters of manhood? Which investment will have leave the more impactful legacy? Reversing the current won’t be easy, but neither will staying employed.  When we chose to associate ourselves with the LIFE company, many of us joined because of the income potential, but little did we know that we would find a manhood breeding ground. This community offers information, acceptance, opportunity for growth and mentorship to any and all men seeking to master their ultimate calling.  We stand shoulder to shoulder helping and encouraging men to love their wives, raise their children, lead in their homes, churches and neighborhoods, and to jump in this pool of declining manhood and help us establish a new current of courage and chivalry.  Our families need us, our friends need us and our nation needs a manhood revolution.   Ask yourself these tough questions…What can I do as a man to affect my current circle of influence?  Who will be affected if I shrink from my manhood mandate?  Am I adding to.. or am I helping reverse the current of decline in manhood?


  1. Bravo…Excellent and well stated!

    I appreciate you and your willingness to pursue excellence in all areas of your life. Your example of manhood is certainly worth duplicating and our son will do well to follow in your footsteps. Keep holding the bar high on yourself and know that you are a mighty man of valor and my King!!!

  2. The thing I love about LIFE is that it gives me a road map on how to become the MAN my family/love ones need me to be. Thanks for the example!

  3. Great insite Raymond. Your talk during the evening inspire me to grab a stronger grip on my work to decrease the decline on manhood and to build bridges to others, whether they are male or female, toward the life changing information that LIFE brings to peoples lives. Together we can make a difference. I am proud to be associated with principled men like yourself and the other men and women who are called upon to LEAD in this areana of LIFE.

  4. Good stuff mr ray!!! Anyone who calls themselves a man needs to read this first. Definitely a good way to start the year for men to question their manhood and how they can make effective change.

  5. Thank you so much for writing this. It is so needed, a a single mom I am glad the LIFE company has given me a place to send my boys to see examples of manhood.

  6. Another great post Raymond! Society/media promotion and projection of what manhood is and looks like has caused confusion in some men. LIFE and it’s many examples of manhood is an outreach and light showing men the Godly way of manhood. Through LIFE men can be difference makers by being living examples of what manhood looks like, acts and by being a mentor in this crucial area. Families and society all benefit when manhood steps to the forefront.

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