Emerging Leaders

Team AO,

80030023I am still fired up about the amazing turnout that we produced at last month’s seminar with Orrin Woodward. As a new feature to the blog,  I want to start recognizing new Turbo 25 and above leaders as we expand our footprint across this nation. Major congrats go out to Jerry and Kena Harrison for reaching the Turbo 25 level with amazing courage and determination.  This couple ran to the last second, literally, and they are building in two legs as only leaders understand! I cannot wait for the organization to hear more from these emerging leaders on the big stage.  Their story is one of overcoming and sacrifice by both Jerry and Kena. Jerry’s enthusiasm and faith combined with Kena drive and focus make this couple a dynamic duo, so look out for more from the Harrisons.  They are leaders making a difference as Team AO begins our talent search!

Jerry and Kena…Team AO salutes your commitment to excellence!


  1. Joe and I second those comments. Jerry & Kena have separated themselves as leaders and are running full steam towards their goals. We look forward to walking the beaches of the world with them.

    Joe & Tracy Clark

  2. Congrats Jerry amd Kena for your accomplishments in our journey to change the world. I am inspired by your stories and cant hear you guys give your first seminar!!! Continue to lead by example

  3. Congratulations Jerry & Kena, we salute you on a job well done. You have demonstrated and embodied the phrase of running from the gun to the tape. We too look forward to hearing your story from the Big stage. May the Lord continue to Bless you on your journey.

  4. Jerry and Kena are the real deal. They have the guts and will get the glory, I’m extremely proud of you leaders. Keep doing what you do all the way to the top. Love you and God Bless!

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