What a way to close out a great year!

Team AO,

What a great time at the seminar Saturday with Orrin in the house.  We are blessed to have such great leadership charting our course toward 1 Million people! I am so impressed with all of the new turbo leaders and everyone joining this “boycott”, and telling OLD things to NEW people.

Check out this link to see just how fired up Orrin was about our region…


Leave a comment and let the world know that AO is coming!


  1. Out standing seminar with Orrin and the Abernathy’s raising the bar for AO goals and it’s always better when you bring a guest

  2. St.louis has one of the most amazing atmospheres for seminars and this one was no exception! Orrin Woodward coupled with Raymond and Tina Abernathy was the BEST seminar I’ve seen. The Abernathy’s unique perspective and insight is untouched and I can’t wait to celebrate their achievement of RT and beyond! Oh, and It’s always a privilege to have Orrin in the house!

  3. Outstanding Seminar!!! Let’s pay it forward by sharing what we already know will be as much a blessing to others as it is to us. I am on my way out the door to share old things with a new person! What about you?

    Larry Cheatham

  4. We agree 100% with all the comments made. It was a powerful seminar with 3 heartfelt speakers. We are on board in the battle to conquer new territory by sharing this information with new people. We are looking and expecting people to cross our paths wanting a change and a better life for themselves. We had a business launch tonight and all the contacts were new people. let the conquering begin!

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