Get some SWAG!

Team AO,

I am so excited by the amazing growth the we are experiencing in the LIFE business. I was already impressed by the launch of a business that created its own industry, but the enhancements truly make this the time to explode.  Check out this impressive list…

  • 3 for free customer program
  • Customer one-time orders count toward customer requirement
  • 70% Field compensation
  • One time cash awards
  • Flagship Mental Fitness Product
  • Challenge Groups
  • Incentive trips with trip tracking
  • Open meeting and Seminar subscriptions
  • Volume on Open meeting and Seminar tickets
  • Team cast Library for unlimited viewing with subscription
  • Free Branded Emails with EBC subscription
  • $49.99…Need I say more?
  • Discount Bundle for new meeting subscribers…coming in September
  • LIFE and LLR subscription now to include Book, DVD, and 2 CD’s for same price!

With all of those amazing features in less than a year, what does the future hold? I made up my mind that I am moving on to go get my DREAM! I am bound and determined to find and develop leaders that want to blaze a path together. I sent out a question today asking…Do you believe in YOUR dream as much as I believe in YOUR dream?  And several leaders responded with a resounding “MORE!” Others replied with an honest maybe, and some did not reply at all. I then asked a follow-up question…When sharing this idea with others, do THEY believe that you believe in THEIR dream enough to serve them in the pursuit of YOUR dream?  This time only a few people responded with an affirmation “YES!” Those are the people who truly have a dream.  There are no closet DREAMERS! Dreamers scream to the World ,look out here I come.  A real dream burns so deeply within the dreamer, that they do not need anyone to push their button. A real dream will cause you to get up early, stay out late, and do whatever it takes to walk into your destiny. Dreamers need inspiration not resuscitation! Dreamers just need a little example, not a daily dose.  Dreamers walk into a room and make non dreamers nervous by their faith. Dreamers eat the word NO for breakfast, lunch and dinner, all the time knowing that a YES is coming for desert! Dreamers will back up the talk with results driven action. In short dreamers have SWAG!

So how does one develop SWAG? I believe that SWAG is a combination of confidence, competence, credibility, courage and craziness. It can’t be inherited, bought, counterfeited, nor borrowed…it can only be developed.  A dream is a prerequisite to SWAG, and herein lies the problem. For years I was refused to vocalize my dream for fear that others would judge me, or tease me if I failed. I was afraid to let myself believe for fear of failure. Over the course of time, and by growing personally and professionally, I learned that I am the only person responsible for my dream , and inherently I am the only person that has to believe in my dream. I then struggled trying to get others to believe in their dream to no avail. And very recently I come to the conclusion that  in the end, people do what they want to do. I know it sounds simple but its true. It has simplified my business life tremendously…If a persons dream is not worth $49.99 and a couple of economical commitments totaling less than a couple of hundred dollars a month, then they do not have enough SWAG for me to help them right now. If a current LIFE member that has vocalized that they want to build this as a business cannot or will not commit to showing this idea 4 times a week, then they do not have SWAG enough for me to help them right now. TEAM AO, please do not take this as a personal affront, or some sort of mental “Jedi” mind game designed to trick people into doing the work.  Remember I have discovered that in the end, people will do what they want to do, and I want to work with those that have SWAG enough to want their dreams. Its simple…get some SWAG and you get your Dream…


  1. Thank you for leading with SWAG Raymond. I too believe that having the motivation fueld by a DREAM gives you SWAG. I too am determined to lead by example and help develope leaders that will do the same. I believe that there are such leaders already within this amazing team called AO. All they need to do is step up and say count me in, I will do the same. I for one will stand with you and get my dream

  2. Hello SWAG, It’s a pleasure to meet you!
    My name is SWAG, too! What an awesome coincidence! I have confidence we’ll find more SWAGGERS!

  3. What…What! This is fired up! It’s not hype. Now is the time. Today is the day!

    I truly believe that the LIFE and TEAM combination is an explosion waiting to happen. An explosion of leaders, of game and life changers who are changing lives in their lifetime.

    Onward and Forward to 1 million and beyond!!

    AaaaaaaaaOoooooo…walk a mile….see a mile. HUH!

  4. Hello Mr. Swag, we agree with everything you have said and kudos for serving the Team by putting these words in writing. When we sit across the tables from people, it has become very evident that we must believe in what we are saying and doing. As we share with people this compensated Life Community they are beginning to Dream again and we are duty bound to help them achieve their goals and dreams. How dare we get someone’s hopes up for a better tomorrow and then not persist in serving long enough in order to deliver on what we said is possible through Life. What’s also helping us to keep belief and swagger is what Colby told AO at our last group meeting. He said to feed our elephants by thinking “Massive Numbers”, “Massive Depth”, “Massive Volume”. So let’s go on and develop a team culture of Swagger!

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