Content of Character


I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Great words spoken by Dr. King in 1963 during his famous I have a Dream Speech. In listening and studying this speech for years, I believe Dr. King hits on just about every one of the LIFE 8 F’s. I too have a dream that we will be able to affect a million lives with this great LIFE information. The mental fitness challenge groups are the first of many great community building tools that we will leverage to reach our goal.

Where else in the world can you and I find a group of leaders dedicated to their personal development getting together to transparently share their most precious thoughts?  Tonight our challenge group had a great conversation about the importance of personal character in the life of any leader. In defining character, someone said character is your personal brand. Another said that character is not what you portray to the world, it is what is revealed when no one else is looking. Someone said that working on our character is like breathing, take one breath, and expect to have to take another soon. Someone compared the creation of character to the creation of a diamond… a lot of dirt and a lot of pressure. In the final analysis, we all agreed that the formation of strong character requires new wholesome information like the subscriptions from LIFE, and someone very wisely asked what will you drop off in order to pick up great LIFE changing information?  What great pearls of wisdom were shared at your challenge Group meeting tonight?


  1. We had a great challenge group. We really got into the difference between sin and character flaws; vices and strongholds. We discussed the courage of our founding fathers and Orrin Woodward. We left the challenge group with some things to ponder.

    1. Leave it up to James and Danielle to quickly get to the spiritual aspects of Character. You both are awesomely gifted leaders, and a blessing to this team!

  2. We had a very interesting night at the South City location. We were lucky to have an Eastern European couple with us. It was interesting when they began to explain that character in Europe is relative. That really struck me in the differences between our cultures. America is the greatest country in the history of the world because is was founded on absolutes. When you have no absolutes to judge a persons character on then things like Hitler’s Germany happen. I’m grateful that they were there to share that perspective of “relative character”. Our country is in trouble because we are slipping in to relativism. As deTochville said, “America is great because America is good.” Lets reestablish our absolute character.


    1. Marty,

      You are such a strong student, and you are right, it is time for us to stop the gap of relativism! Awesome to be associated with a man that understands the issues and is also working on himself.

  3. Hello AO! Brothers and Sisters I am SO Excited to share what my challenge group was like. We put that mental fitness challenge through the paces. Know that AO is going to do HUGE things! Huge! Imagine, three people kidnap one another and push their lives, and survival to the extreme. We lived in houses, beaches, and jungles. Traveled around a foreign country, speaking various levels of Spanish, living lives we always wanted. Imagine this, your thrown into a home, with no food, water, sometimes to much water! Hot sun, no vehicle, no internet, no TV, no cell phone, no communication with the outside world. We tested characters, we tested adversity quotient, we tested conflict resolution CONSTANTLY! Attitude, vision, all 8 F’s grew. We spent an intense week, to come back and in a place with internet, and sit down to watch Tim Marks discuss leaving a Legacy. AO left a legacy and the Mental Fitness Challenge left a legacy in Costa Rica. It passes the muster of end of world survival. Armed with CD’s and books, together we kept civil, had so much fun, became life long friends. I personally got to experience the BEST ROAD TRIP EVER! Our True Alpha and Omega was always there, always present, keeping us in his hands. Helping us apply all the internal tools at our disposal. Using our Gifts. Living lives that if others lived as we did, the world would be God’s paradise. TEAM, and all others who find us. This material has huge potential when put into practice. HUGE. Almost unbelievable, what you can see transpire when you see people choose character over reputation. I’m on Vision week in my MFC, so flex those vision muscles. See your LIFE BIG! From the ends of time and back. Alpha Omega, “TO INFINITY AND BEYOND”, “To Go where no man has gone before, to explore new worlds.” Anybody else ever programed by Quantum Leap? Have fun, life is easy, things are moving fast. Pura Vida JUSTIN

  4. What a great evening we had in in one of the north county challenge groups. As I listened to the different people comment both Life members and guest, I was struck by how much more convicted each person was when examining their own personal character. One of the Life members having already jumped into the subject of character through their MFC spoke of a recent incident where it required courage to speak up and be a women of character. Guest spoke of how leadership without character could not be trusted and how this type of dialogue is needed to remain focused and on track. As one of the guest was leaving she turned and said I’ll be back. Two weeks of challenge groups so far and new guest at each with something to contribute!!! Fired up!!!

    Larry Cheatham

  5. As others have stated, we had a great discussion on character; how we have seen some excellent examples and some not so good examples of it. A couple of stories shared stand out: (1) a 7th grader in a situation requiring character choices (2) you must be true to yourself and be prepared to stand on your beliefs; people can say they are with but in the time of testing they may change their mind, leaving you standing alone and (3) the negative consequences of leaders not taking the high road of character. Character is a life long journey!

  6. Another great post Mr. Abernathy. I truly enjoyed Tuesday’s discussion. The diversity in the room was awesome, black, white, pastors, salespeople, moms, truck drivers but the conclusion was that Character is paramount and that we don’t always no someone’s character immediately but it’s like a diamond, often pressure will reveal it.

    I am so thankful for the MFC and the introspection it has caused. I hold character in high esteem, yet know that I have a long way to go to become who God wants me to be. Still in all, I will not make excuses but instead I will continue to do more and get better through great information and outstanding association.

    CHARGE….1 million and beyond!

    1. Tina,

      If I haven’t told you in a while… I do see your growth, and just when I thought you had reached another level of leadership you show me more. Your ability to read, apply and adapt requires an amazing discipline and focus. Thanks for making it do what it do!

  7. Raymond. The post was great. We had a group of leaders at our home that was also diverse in many areas from single married young and not quite as young 🙂 black white etc. Most importantly though was our similarities of working on our leadership with specific intent. We each were challenged to lead with character whether in our homes, churches, jobs or communities.

    1. Tracy,

      I am so proud of you and Joe for leading in your home, church and community. Your commitment to your personal leadership journey is inspiring. Keep creating the gap! Team AO is blessed to have such courageous leaders!

  8. Raymond,
    Our Challenge group was very inspiring. We also had a diverse group and I found it very interesting that the discussion didn’t matter what age you were or what walk of life you come from…. Character requires RESOLVE to accomplish! One person spoke of how the people she talks to want to give the appearance that they are continually improving, but not really make the effort to improve, therefore not really having or improving their character. Another spoke of working with and managing young adults (in his twenties, himself) and the character he sees (and sometimes doesn’t see) in that group. Also, from busy moms, just how hard it is sometimes to show character ourselves. From going back into a store because something wasn’t paid for or because they gave us too much change and making that choice to hold onto character when it is the hardest choice to make and people often look at us as if we’re crazy for doing the right thing.

    1. Lisa,

      Thanks for being a mother dedicated to doing the right things when no one is looking. Your hard work and character will be rewarded because God honors commitment.Keep going go-getter and I will see you at the pool party!

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