Don’t trip…Start Tracking

Team AO,

We are a few weeks out of the major, and I am still excited about the new qualified trips that we can now earn.  Several of you are in the position to start traveling in 6 months! I want to make sure that everyone gives themselves a chance to earn the first trip by trip tracking 200pv this month and every month in order to keep yourself in the game for the first incentive trip.  To earn the first trip,we must build our first group to at least 4000 pv (20 people trip tracking), and our second team to 2000 pv (10 people trip tracking) and hold that for 6 months and you are on a free trip.  Check out you TEAM EBC to learn more about the trips and qualifications, but 200 pv personal is a must.   Imagine you and a few of your best friends on the team planning the trip together!  Truly having fun, making money and making a difference… Check out this video of just one of the first trip options…Who is going?


  1. Trip tracking here I come!!

    Fresh off of the First Challenge group and mega fired up after hearing everyone’s comments and one person even stating that until tonight he had never thought about his purpose. Team that is just an example of what we have our hands on. We MUST go out and share this with enthusiasm and conviction. Enthusiasm on FIRE is better than knowledge on FIRE! Forget the details….lead with passion! CHARGE

  2. Fired Up!!! Had a House Plan, one pre-app. plus my friend made a decision to come to her first open. Really enjoyed the First Challenge group conversation!!!!!

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