It happens in 60 seconds…

Team AO,

“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

My Pastor preached a sermon recently with the central theme of “It happens. ”  I encourage everyone to go and read Ecclesiastes 3:1-11 to better grasp the concepts of time and seasons.  As I “mature”, I find myself appreciating and relishing time more and more. A few years seems like a few days, and days seems like minutes.  I wrote on this subject a couple of years ago in another blog article called “In a minute.”  But what I want to share today has to do with this concept of time getting faster.  Now I understand that a minute is still sixty seconds, that has never changed, but what can be accomplished in those sixty seconds has drastically changed.  Michael Dell is quoted as saying “technology is about enabling human potential.” I ran across some marketing material from an internet web design company that shows how sixty seconds have changed everything in our world…

  • In sixty seconds, 12,000+ ads are posted on Craigslist.
  • In sixty seconds, 168 million Emails are sent.
  • In sixty seconds, 600+ new videos are uploaded to YouTube.
  • In sixty seconds, 695,000 Facebook statuses are updated, and 510,00 comments are submitted.
  • In sixty seconds, 13,000+ IPhone apps will be downloaded.
  • In sixty seconds, 694,445 Google searches will be submitted.
  • In sixty seconds, 13,000 + hours of music are streaming live on Pandora.
  • In sixty seconds, 370,000 + minutes of Voice calls placed over Skype.
  • In sixty seconds, 98,000 Tweets and 320 new Accounts on Twitter.

These amazing statistics confirm Bill Gates’ premise, that we now live in a world where business operates at the “speed of thought.” There is more instantaneous information being distributed now than at any time in history.  Love our new wired world or hate it, we must deal with its realities.  With the emergence of email, physical mail delivery is now a thing of the past. With live streaming radio, many local radio stations are going of business. Mainstream newscasts are often second to YouTube in showing live coverage of an event. Newspapers, car sales, yellow pages, job placement agencies, travel agencies, long distance companies, and a long laundry list of other industries are in extinct because of the expansion of what can be done in sixty seconds.

We may not have been aware of the business impact of sixty seconds, but we do feel the impact that our more hurried pace has had on our culture. We have to ask the question…does our fast paced business lives directly impact our personal effectiveness in our families and society?

  • In sixty seconds, one person in America will attempt suicide.
  • In sixty seconds, three children will be aborted.
  • In sixty seconds, one person in America is murdered.
  • In sixty seconds, one robbery is committed.
  • In sixty seconds, 255 children drop out of high school.
  • In sixty seconds, a kid runs away from an abusive or neglectful home.

I share these statistics not for shock value, nor to simplify the solution down to just time management. I would be hypocritical to condemn the reading of online information as you read this online post, but I would like to share some areas that we may be able to help reverse some of these ominous trends.

  • In sixty seconds, we can decide to make a difference in our lives and the lives of others by growing mentally, and spiritually.
  • In sixty seconds, we can pray and ask God to forgive us, strengthen us, and prepare us for this days journey.
  • In sixty seconds, we can smile, say please and thank you.
  • In sixty seconds, we can listen to our children tell their amazing stories after school.
  • In sixty seconds, we can write down the three most pressing things that must be completed on tomorrow.
  • In sixty seconds, we can count our blessings.
  • In sixty seconds, we can hug those that we love.
  • In sixty seconds, we can go online and order our wives flowers…just because.
  • In sixty seconds, we can go decide to give someone grace.
  • In sixty seconds, we can give someone a sincere compliment.
  • In sixty seconds, we can diffuse a tense situation by saying I’m sorry.
  • In sixty seconds, we can avoid confusion by communicating expectations.
  • In sixty seconds, we can write down our bank transactions and balance our checkbooks.
  • In sixty seconds, we can eat an apple for breakfast, and skip the donut : )
  • In sixty seconds, we can call our parents just to say we miss them.
  • In sixty seconds, we can mail a card to a friend in a time of trouble.
  • In sixty seconds, we can make a decision that could change everything.

TEAM/LIFE is about valuing and living your life sixty seconds at a time. With new information comes new thoughts, and with new thoughts we can make better choices with our allotted time. Time stands still for no man, but when properly utilized we can move mountains.


  1. Great post Big Dog. Not taking the 60 seconds to do the things I should was something I didn’t want to think about. Thanks for making me!

  2. Great post Raymond. Thank you for the reminder that in 60 seconds a lot can be accomplished or there can be a lot of regrets for missed opportunities.

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