Where will LIFE take us?


I, like you, am eagerly awaiting the Major Convention in Columbus, OH on the weekend of April 27-29!  We have been hearing tidbits of information regrading the next evolution of our industry, and I cannot wait to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes. We have heard mention of the Mental Fitness Challenge and the potential to cross over into new markets with these wonderful LIFE products.  Many of us old veterans have long known the power of a self directed, community supported, personal development plan, but the outside world is learning the power of joining our compensated community.

As many of you know I am a full fledged nerd, and I teach Computer Programming at the University of Missouri – Computer Education and Training Center in St. Louis.  A few years ago, the assistant director saw me reading the bestseller “Launching A Leadership Revolution”,  by Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady.  As a livelong educator, she became interested in learning more about the TEAM and our compensated community of leaders.  I eventually invited her to our open meeting, and she was very impressed with the leadership education that we provide.  She was so moved, that she asked me to write four continuing education courses offerings for our campus, and teach them several times a year.

The Professional Development series has been a great success and these courses are now my most highly rated.  Last year I had the assistant director of human resources from a large corporation here in St. Louis take the Leadership: The Art of Influence” course that I developed by outlining the “Launching A Leadership Revolution” book. She was so inspired by the simplicity of the content that she arranged for me to spend a day at the corporate office teaching 120 of the companies fast-track employees the TEAM/LIFE leadership principles.  The Business Communication and Teamwork courses garner the most applicable principles from the Top 5 books in our system.  The response is always overwhelming, and very often the students will request a copy of the Top 50 book list, and access to what we have our hands on.

As we learn more about the mental fitness challenge, and as our business continues to get better, I encourage everyone to first of all delve into our materials yourself and let your light so shine among men. Secondly, share the blessing of this awesome information with everyone in whom you come in contact with.  We are going mainstream! Universities, Corporations, Churches, and millions will be influenced by what we have to share.  Share the wealth, take a chance, and let’s see where LIFE will take us.


  1. These are exciting times with Life as we participate in the birthing and mainstreaming of this new industry. Even though we have limited info regarding the next Life evolution, there is still strong anticipation of what awaits us. As the picture depicts and in answer to your question we believe Life is taking us down the road to our FREEDOM!

  2. Great post, Raymond! It is awesome and such a tribute to our system, that you have had the opportunity to take the materials and teaching into the walls of academia and corporate America. You have been truly blessed, and you are blessing others!

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