Larry Cheatham – Organically Grown Professional

Larry CheathamTeam AO,

At our seminar, we had the pleasure of seeing Larry Cheatham get recognized as a new Turbo 50 leader on the TEAM/LIFE, and he deserves our applause because he is a great businessman and leader. I resist the temptation to tell Larry’s entire story, because there are bigger leadership levels to be attained, and crowds that deserve to hear the story from him directly. I will share with you how I come to love and respect Larry over the past few years, and what I believe make him a superior individual and high-caliber leader.  Larry, as many of you know, had been previously involved in another network marketing organization for years, and his pursuit of his personal dream caused him to stick while many people quit.  Larry learned many great principles regarding success from his previous organization, but often he would find himself in a constant state of information flux, as his organization tried to apply the latest techniques toward community building.  Each month would bring the next magical growth tool or technique, and because he is faithful, Larry would dive in, apply and promote whatever his team supplied. In short, Larry’s mentors were looking to grow a community by fertilizing that growth with unproven, and often unsuccessful principles.

Eventually, Larry’s mentors found TEAM, and Larry and a few faithful leaders began to study and believe in the proven principles of Leadership, Teamwork, and Power player. Through a crazy turn of events, Larry’s mentors decided that the proven principles of TEAM were not in their best interests, so they unplugged from the Team system leaving Larry in the unenviable position of staying with TEAM or following his friends into yet another unproven system.  To Larry’s credit he decided to lead his Team by drawing a line in the sand against all odds and stay with TEAM. He later told me that it was an easy decision because he had seen the hearts of Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady, and he had seen the fruits of his labor in his ever growing community. Chris Brady would call Larry a “Rascal“, because he chose not to succumb to fear and the familiar and went against the tide to chart a new course.

Team AO, we are all blessed to have such an experienced and proven leader on our side in this march toward 1 million people! As a perpetual go-getter,  Larry chose the hard work of organically growing communities over the often easier path of making fast money, and I cannot wait for the entire TEAM/LIFE to discover what we already know…Mr. Cheatham is on his way to PC!


  1. We all no that Larry has the heart of a winner and soon the rest of team will no as well. Thanks Larry for all you bring to aoj1. I will cheer the loudest when you go pc

  2. Another nail struck on the head,not only a rascel to his hard work and commitment to others I’m just as proud of becoming a freind with Mr Cheatham,to be around him you almost infectiously want to step up YOUR game and that is so I say to you Larry keep up the charge and I too will be cheering your PC victory.

  3. We join in celebrating Larry’s Turbo 50 achievement and his leadership ability which has been demonstrated in his growth and in his team’s growth. As we look at Larry, we see the power of determination with purpose and work ethic. We salute your example of commitment, drive and enthusiasm.
    Thank God for organically grown leaders like Larry who are real, true, and sincere with no hidden agendas, operate on a win/win principle, and are of high character & integrity.
    For all you do Larry PC is definitely for you.

  4. I ditto all the great comments on Larry. He is without a doubt an excellent example of what a true leader is made of. He is a great leader and a great representative of the caliber of people that are on Team Alpha Omega Journey. Looking forward to the PC day!

  5. I am blown away by the kind words and appreciate each of you so very much. I am truly blessed in so many ways and I am grateful for the path God continues to lead me down. It’s not always easy but then again whoever said it would be… I love this business, I love this journey and I love my extended family called T.E.A.M.

    I know I have so much growing to do in order to accomplish PC but know that I am willing to do whatever it takes. It was no accident when Colby, Raymond, Tina and myself ended up on a flight to Atlanta together and it was no accident when we were the only ones to show up at a spanish open; by the way not a one of us speak spanish!!! in closing let me share these four things,

    1) We could not have anyone better to follow than Colby Potts, Raymond Abernathy and Tina Abernathy.

    2) I look forward to celebrating victories both small and large with all of you!!!

    3) Let’s go demonstrate our commitment to God’s calling by touching the lives of others in a positive way.

    4) Let’s go have fun, make money, make a difference and show Orrin along with the rest of the PC how grateful we are for their commitment to God’s calling!!!

    Larry Cheatham

  6. My man LC is doing his thing!!! He represents AOJ1 to the fullest and is always looking out for others around him. He is a true example of a leader and has many more great accomplishments to come. I am thankful to have met him and even more grateful to be in the presence of a young leader making a difference. He definitley gives me the inspiration to get out here and get it done. It doesnt matter how young you are, he teaches if you have a dream, do what it takes to get that dream and don’t let your situation hold you back. Good stuff LC!!!

  7. There are two reasons I am still in this industry. The incredible information supplied by Team/Life and Larry Cheatham. I think for a while I was just curious to see if Larry would stick as I watched him get his butt kicked over, and over, and over again. Then to watch him get up once more and say, “AGAIN!!!”. Thank you, Larry. We will be partners and friends for life in LIFE.
    Love ya buddy!

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