Necessities of the many…

Team AO,

Saturday morning I had the pleasure of driving my high school sophomore daughter to an area band competition.  She is a wonderful flutist, and her duet was amazing to witness.  The competition was held at one of the oldest private boarding schools in the St. Louis area, and as she warmed up, I had a chance to snoop around the hallways of exclusive institution founded in 1898.  Tuition ranges from $14,000 to $18,000 per year, from pre-K through to high school. As I walked the halls, I thought of the small number of people who could afford to send their children to a school of this caliber.  What differentiates this very expensive education from the education that most middle class children receive in public schools?  How could it possibly be worth that type of  investment even before college?

As I snapped pictures of my daughter from my cell phone, I noticed on the ledge of the blackboard every book ever written by Robert Kiyosaki. There it was, the entire Rich Dad Poor Dad Series, right there in the classroom. Could this possibly be a part of the curriculum?  It became obvious to me that the teacher in this class room is teaching concepts far beyond the education that most middle class families are receiving in public school.  These upper class families were willing to invest upwards of $195,000 (13 years @ $15,000 per year) in their child’s primary education, so that they could be equipped with wealth thinking, while the vast majority of the children in our country are being taught how to be employees for free in our public schools.  This realization only exposes the ever-growing gap between the have’s and the have not’s…the rich and the poor.  Please do not mis-interpret my acknowledgement of the wealth gap as an indictment of the wealthy parents that have the means to afford such a school. The middle class should not waste one ounce of thought, energy nor effort in railing against those that have achieved financial success. We do not need to march or picket the school, tee-pee the rich people’s houses or clamour for more tax money for our schools. There is a time to march and express our displeasure with inequity, but this is not one of those occasions. These wealthy parents are simply preparing their children to prosper, and we should follow suit. The wealth gap is the natural output of an antiquated educational system and social interventions perpetuated by the government and the idle rich. My friend and LIFE founder Orrin Woodward wrote a great article that exposes some of these issues entitled, “LIFE’s-Meritocracy…How to end the middle class squeeze” .  The middle class seems to be on the short end of the proverbial stick. Millions of Americans find themselves with just enough income to live modestly at best, pay taxes to support our ever-expanding government and it’s programs, but not enough income to provide our children with relevant information for their futures. We turn over our children’s bright minds to the workings of an educational system designed to produce mindless employees and debt laden consumers. While the wealthy teach their children business ownership, long-term vision, delayed gratification, and the power of compounding.

If you find yourself like many Americans, frustrated, worried about your children’s survival, and at the end of your rope.  Tie a knot in that rope, join LIFE, hang on, and build!  Never before has a business been created to provide the masses of people with an affordable and relevant world-class education. You and I can expose our children to the Rich Dad series for a small fraction of the cost compared to that private school. We too can learn how to renew our minds and prepare ourselves to lead our country into this new and exciting era.  An era where wealth thinking is delivered to your mailbox every month, and the opportunity to grow a business and share that information is yours to build every night!  We can turn our cars, and living rooms into prestigious institutions of higher learning, and prepare our children to compete in the global free-enterprise system. LIFE exposes the ideas of the wealthy few to the common man, and with a team to help and support the hungry students, we can begin to transform our nation back into the land of opportunity. Long gone are the days of only the rich getting richer, we too can learn from LIFE  subscriptions and materials the principles of success that have been previously reserved as  luxuries for the few.

Somehow we are going to have to develop a concept of enough for those at the top and at the bottom, so that the necessities of the many are not sacrificed for the luxuries of the few.  Marian Wright Edelman

If you want to learn more about taking control of our children’s education, I suggest you purchase and read from LIFE, a book entitled “Thomas Jefferson Education”, by Oliver Demille.


  1. I knew this post would be coming and could not wait to see it in it’s final stage! Another great post Raymond.

    Man as I read it, it reminded me of Condeleeza Rice and her pursuit of excellence. I am reading her memoir and am awe at the great lengths her parents went to to make sure that she received a quality education in-spite of growing up in racist, segregated Birmingham, Alabama. John and Angelna Rice refused to let their daughter think that she was less than because of the color of her skin or any other parameter. Instead they chose to instill in her the desire to work hard and “do more” through education despite all odds.

    As I read this article I am reminded that we “the middle class” are radical rascals who can confront America’s broken mindset with rigorous regulations on our minds and the minds of our children. We have the power to equip and empower our children with success thinking at a fraction of the cost of such an elite school.

    The only question is, WILL WE?

    1. Wow, Raymond and Tina, you are two of the most awesome people in my life. I am truly amazed how you are able to get the point across and not miss the mark. I realized for the first time tonight that because I was raised poor, that is no joke,but all my life while growing up, I was told the rich will get richer and the poor will always be poor, that is a huge lie. I am sorry that it to me do long to realize that. You would think some who is 56 would know better than that. A wise man once said that a lie spoken enough will be truth to the person telling that lie. If you as parents (not you)like my parents told me lies as a child I took them to be truthful, thank you for speaking the truth. The Cd’s, the books I have read, attending all the meetings, your posting I read tonight, you will see a new Lloyd Wilson from tonight on. I’m fired up and I want you to know that I will do my best each day,to walk a mile, see a mile. May the GOD of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob bless you, keep you, guide you and protect you, and all of your generations that follows you.
      Thank you. Lloyd Wilson and Patricia Wilson. Alpha and Omega -Journey 1.

  2. Big Dog that was so on point. I beleave that unless we open or eyes to how out kids are being educated, and take control of that education our future as a country is doomed. I’m so glad that you and the rest of the leaders of Life are doing more that just talking about it. THANKS!

  3. Great post Raymond!
    As our minds continue to be stretched through this Life education business, we cannot return to the old way of thinking. This is another reason why it is so important to get people into the community. It is now our watch and we must take the mantle and run with it. We all knew there was something wrong with the education system but couldn’t quite figure out what the problem was. Thomas Jefferson Education gave insight into the flaws of “traditional” education and gives things that can be done to counteract it.

    Everyone cannot afford to send their kids to the caliber of school you describe but we have a vehicle called Life that “everyone”can participate in for a nominal cost that can yield some huge results like the big ticket education. Team Life has created a level playing field for all who want to win for themselves and their families, friends, and nation.

    We recently read a quote by Henry Aaron: “occasionally in life a person gets the opportunity to do something great…when that time comes the only 2 things that will matter are being prepared to seize the moment and having the courage to take your best swing.”

    We have been prepared by Team to Win, so let’s go out take our best swing by using our tools and knowledge to win.

  4. Good stuff mr keep coming with the real deal!!! I dont have any kids but when i do i will know what to do. LIFE gives us the opportunity to learn, apply, and teach our children how to be wealthy business owners. The great thing about that is our children have a living example of what it takes instead of reading it from books listening to teachers. It is definitely a game changer.

  5. It sure is nice and refreshing to know that we as a team organization are heading in the right direction,because in the early stages of my adulthood ALL 95% thinking I may not have looked twice at that row of robert kiyosaki books and altimately would continue to teach my kids the ol get good grades,good job and live happily ever after (BIG JOKE) but thanks be to God for second chances to learn a better way and to still be able to pass alone to our kids grandkids,family and freinds what robert kiyosaki taught about how to think 5% and then for orrin woodward and chris brady to actually provide us with a system to put to dosen’t get any better then that..oh unless you are fortunate to be a part of team A/OJ1!!!! thanks once more big dog and i too will be teaching my family the values of wealth thinking.

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