5 core principles of Team/LIFE

Team AO,

Over the Christmas Holiday, Tina and I decided to clean up the office and arrange our library into some semblance of order. Over the years we have read some great books, and I have developed the habit of tagging pages and making notes on each book as it relates to the Team/Life business.  The task of arranging the books became an epic adventure because I kept stopping to re-read my notes.  The founders of Team/LIFE have remarkably taken some of the best principles and practices from the best authors and created a world class opportunity for each of us.  Today I want to share the 5 core values that I believe make this team great…

The Dream

Do you have a dream? Do you even know what a dream is?  According to John Maxwell’s new book, “Put your dream to the test“,  a dream is defined as an inspiring picture of the future that energizes your mind, will and emotions, empowering you to do everything you can to achieve it“. According to that definition do you have a dream? If you are like most Americans, you feel a tinge of discomfort because life has siphoned anything remotely resembling that definition away into canisters of skepticism and apathy. Coming from a corporate culture, I was used to setting meaningless goals and having meaningless reviews with my managers, but I never felt an emotional tie nor empowered to change my lot in life.  Dreaming was foreign to me, and sadly the dream is going the way of the dinosaur for most Americans.  The idea that anything is possible, has been doused with a constant stream of mediocre expectations. Only in TEAM/LIFE do we have a safe haven for dreamers.  The open meeting, seminars and conventions provide fertile soil by which to grow and nurture the dream.  Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady have created a culture that not only encourages the dream emotionally, but also helps empower the dreamer mentally and financially. The system has been designed to allow the dreamer to bud , blossom and bloom right were they have been planted. Our pasts are irrelevant factors in our futures.  Do your dare to dream?  Will you write it down and prominently display it?  Is it something you will die or cry for?  If you answered yes to all of these questions, then welcome …you are among like-minded dreamers on this team!

Free Enterprise

In free enterprise, the consumer is free to vote with their feet and their dollars, and may the best providers of service win. No special deals, no quotas, no nepotism, racism or sexism. No government intervention programs, bureaucracy, or buy-outs.  We stand free to succeed, but also equally free to fail. This past summer Tina and I visited a new small restaurant our neighborhood and for some odd reason the owner placed a message above the menu that read in essence, “Our prices are high, and we will not lower them!” Upon exiting the establishment, I knew that their success would be short lived. Sadly, we recently saw a moving truck in front of the restaurant probably loading the very sign that sealed their fate. They were not willing to lower their prices, but someone else was, so the consumer voted!  In free enterprise, there are no fixed guarantees, or demands to be placed upon consumers.  The consumer is king, and as business persons we must constantly provide the best value for the buck, or we too will be out of business.  The LIFE subscriptions add value to our human experience, and as long as we add value, the consumer will continue to flock to our businesses. On this team we all can vote with our feet and our money.  Because we believe in free-enterprise, no one forces anyone else to join, read, listen, attend meetings or build their business. Some people stay and succeed,  some people choose to quit because it is not for them.  Some people find value in just the learning and environment, others quit because the business did not grow fast enough for them. Some people succeed and lavish praise on the founders of our business, and others quit and scandalize their names. But in the end, each of us, through our own personal decisions choose victory or victim.  In free-enterprise, if it is to be… it’s up to me! If I do not do…then I can’t blame you!


As an effective balance to the sometimes treacherous reality of free enterprise, we on the Team/Life have developed a system of mutual reliance and benefit.  By building Teams of leaders that are independent enough to perform, yet compassionately smart enough to know that orchestrating performance provides leverage and massive expansion.  Leverage allows us to borrow each other’s strengths, and down play our weaknesses in order to move ahead.  You may not be a dynamic speaker, or the life of the party, but you have performing teammates that can fill in those gaps for the team. Your circle of friends may be few, but through team approach your influence out spans your network.  The Team/LIFE founders have created a true win/win situation based upon leaders leading leaders… not followers. Interdependence relies upon everyone doing their part on the team. The door of leadership is open to everyone, and those that pull their weight, will experience the magic effects of  synergy. According to Stephen R. Covey, in his critically acclaimed book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People“, “Interdependence is a choice only independent people can make.” You will not build this alone, but the decision to perform is your alone.  When at least two independent people join together with focused efforts, the results do not just double, they grow exponentially. Are you independently reading for growth, and listening for motivation?  If so, then join a depth squad of independent leaders and let’s explode! If not, then you are locked, loaded and ready to fire, now pull the trigger.

Servant Leadership

Dan Sullivan and Catherine Nomura in their book, “The Laws of Lifetime Growth”,  state correctly,  “the entreprenuer must make a valuable contribution to others before they deserve a reward.”  One of the biggest questions for most people coming into our industry is “Can the leaders be trusted?”  The genius of Orrin and Chris is that they have created a strategy that rewards trustworthiness.  Unlike other networking business, there are not any headhunting bonuses, so leaders are not rewarded by “sign ups”. Leaders on the Team are first rewarded by providing the newest person  evidence of their proficiency and integrity.  When the new person receives a check their first month in LIFE, it’s most likely because a leader has worked to build a team under them.  The new person then gets to decide if they want the capable leader to serve and coach them to their fully potential.  Leaders on TEAM are reading, investing time and energy to make sure that the team is growing, and often their service to the team is greater than their initial reward. But rest assured that over time, the servant leader will be rewarded.  The Bible states that the greatest among you should be the chief servant, and that is the standard by which leaders on TEAM/LIFE are judged.

Business Format Franchise

Michael Gerber’s book , “The E-Myth“, is a great read for anyone wanting to better understand how to think like a business system owner as opposed to an employee or self-employed owner.  In his book, Gerber writes, “The system runs the business, and people run the system. The LIFE founders have created the most competent, cost-effective, credible and competitive business opportunity in the industry.  Our materials are drastically lower than the industry averages, and our leaders have built a rock solid world class reputation in networking, academia, and Corporate America. We now have a compensation plan pays 70% percent to the field, and the system is in place to become McDonald’s of this age.  You and I have our hands on a business system that can be run for substantially less than a conventional business. We have an unlimited and untapped market, we are first to market, and TEAM offers us the training necessary to build and sustain large loyal communities.

In my humble opinion these are the 5 core principles that make Team/LIFE great. Share the 5 core principles that you believe to be our greatest assets.


  1. Raymond, this is another Great exposition on the core principles. We believe our greatest assets are:
    DREAM/DREAD – If contented with our life, there is no reason to do anything different. If not satisfied, the DREAM/DREAD is what will pull or push us to do things that will bring desired changes in our lives. People will say they are busy with a lot of things to do but if one OR both of the D’s are big enough that will provide the motivation to leave the comfort zone and pursue change.

    PEOPLE from all walks of life are an essential part of this community. Every person brings unique talents & abilities to the Team. With success thinking, and relationship building, these diverse groups bond together, and learn to work as a unified Team. This diversity is key because the different perspectives and life experiences can be used to expand the capacity of the Team.

    We are a LEARNING ORGANIZATION with a systematic approach through Subscriptions and Direct Fulfillment for constant learning, changing and growing. As we continue to evolve as an organization, we are creating a huge gap between Team and other organizations. Our competitive advantage lies in our ability to learn faster than other organizations.

    Thru the INTERDEPENDENCE of trust, belief and relying on each other, Teams accomplish much more together than individuals. Every Team member is a valued asset to the success of the Team. When everyone contributes to the goal setting/strategy process with specific intent, great results happen. As Team goals are achieved every Team member can take pride in the victory having been a Team player.

    As we apply the TEAM SYSTEM along with the 5 step pattern there are activities to be done consistently that will produce success. Daily (take 2 steps forward), weekly (STP 4x to be a go-getter, attend Tuesday open meeting, business launch, house meetings), monthly (attend seminar, tap leg 10 deep) and quarterly (attend Major, go Power Player).

  2. Edd and Rosemary,

    Thank you for your regular comments. Your thoughtful insight inspires me to learn and share more, and I pray that God continues to smile on you both!

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