How do I make this THING called LIFE work?

Team AO,

Have you ever asked yourself what do I have to do to make this thing work?  If not, then you are too new to have experienced the frustrations of changing old habits. I often speak of this business as being the most challenging thing that I have ever done, but at the same time it is the most rewarding.  TEAM/LIFE provides me with so many valuable lessons in areas such as my marriage, my finances, and my attitude.  This thing has helped me grow in areas that probably would have laid dormant or died if I had not been challenged to expand my thinking and change my association. As Thoreau stated,

“Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to their graves with the song still in them.”

Why do we have trouble figuring out this thing called LIFE?  I believe that we truly want to discover our purpose in LIFE, but too often the noise of  our current problems drown out the discovery of tomorrow’s purpose.

I recently heard a great sermon by Charles Stanley, in which he preached a concept that may help all of us uncover our hidden purpose and begin to reveal the answers to LIFE. To illustrate the point, lets imagine you are shipwrecked on a deserted island deep in the South Pacific.  Upon landing on the beach, you decide to explore the dense jungle where you stumble upon a beautifully crafted straw hut with doors, windows, a running water system that cascades down the cliff into the hut, and elevated beds that are as soft as yours at home. There are pineapples, coconuts, and even sharpened stones, tools and utensils neatly arrayed in the primitive kitchen.  You jump for joy as you settle into your new place.  After a several weeks of enjoying this magnificent hut all by yourself, you hear voices calling out, so you run down to the beach and there are the search vessels looking for survivors! You have been rescued! Leaving everything behind in the hut, you sail towards home anxiously desiring to tell your story. Your family is there to greet you at the docks, and upon arriving home, you tell of your adventure as everyone gazes in disbelief. Everyone states how lucky you were to have stumbled upon food and shelter in the middle of the Ocean on a deserted island. How can such a thing be? What are the odds? As the crowd thins, your grandfather sums up the entire matter…I have learned in LIFE  that you cannot have a thing without a thought, and you cannot have a thought without a thinker.

Here is the point…it would be insane to believe that in the middle of a deserted island, one could stumble upon accidental shelter, food and water. No rational person would explain that much thought away to chance.  Did the straw gather and arrange itself into the structure?  Did the water system develop over a billion years to accidentally land in the hut?  Did the food gracefully fall from the tree, through the window and land on the table?  Did the tools evolve or sharpen over time by themselves? All of this occurring just as you arrived with those needs.  Those things were created by thought, and thought occurs only when there is a thinker!

So what does this have to do with your LIFE? Everything! Your life is not some accident to be stumbled upon by chance. Your lungs being filled with air right now, cannot be explained away as some sort of evolutionary process.  The fact that your eyes communicate with your brain and allow you to grasp these 800 words, is not a random occurrence. This thing called you was created by thought, and the thought had to come from a thinker. The Bible states in Psalms 139:14…

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are marvelous, I know that full well.”

A thing as beautifully complex as your LIFE is well thought out.  God has created you for a great purpose, and as opposed to spending our lives desperately trying to figure out how to make things work out right, ask the Thinker(God), what He had in mind when He thought about you?  Your life is not a random act, and situations that you land in, are not by chance.  God lovingly created you on purpose, and your destiny lies in His hands.  If you are trying to figure LIFE out without consulting the Creator, then your song my go to the grave with you, but I challenge you to begin today believing that His works (you) are marvelous. Know full well that there is a plan for you, and like clay in the hands of a potter, ask God to shape your LIFE into a beautiful, useful masterpiece.


  1. Well said Mr. Abernathy, well said!!

    Life can take us for many twists and turn but when all is said and done at the center should be our creator. It is in him and his word that we should diligently seek answers to all of our challenges. We should also know he is not hiding it from us and that it doesn’t have to be some elaborate thing.

    Perhaps your purpose is to be the best wife, the best mother or the best encourager all to play a role in helping someone else find their purpose. What am I talking about here, well think Ruth of the Bible. What if she had not played her part and stayed with Naomi? Her life and the lineage of my Savior would be different wouldn’t it?

    Your playing small does not serve anyone so Team AOJ1 grab LIFE by the hair and whip it up into a beautiful bun for all to admire that God may get the glory.


  2. Good stuff mr. Ray!!! We as people must ask Him for knowledge, wisdom, and understand ing so that we may take this life on Earth that He has given us and make the best of it. I heard on one of our leaders’ CDs that the Lord gives us talents and it is OUR jobs to manifest them. I believe that to be so true. We all have our God given gifts and as a people, we have to find out what they are and use them to do right by Him. The LIFE business gives us the tools we need to find out what that talent is through personal growth. I love you guys and like momma said, CHARGE!!!!!! L 30 10 5 P!!!!

  3. Amen and Amen! What then shall we say to things? If God is for us he is more than the world against us? God is for us so we can get busy doing those things that are part of our dash. Let the work that we have done speak for us in Jesus Name!

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