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Team AO,

The Bible states in Proverbs 29:18 that “Where there is no vision, the people perish”. With that in mind, vision requires imagination, and the imagination must be expanded through practical application.  This blog provides me an opportunity to write and expand my imagination and today I want to you join me in authorship.  Read the following thought starter, study this image and write a comment paragraph that continues the story.  Each blog follower can then leave a comment where the other author left off.  Let’s see how far we can take this story…

Once upon a time there was a loving couple that delivered a beautiful baby into this world. As the baby grew, the parents became more worried about their child’s future. One night the couple sat down and…


  1. Discussed future Plans for their baby. “Let’s start a savings fund” they concluded. Great idea. But where would they get the money to save. Times were hard and they were barely getting by. At that moment the phone rang and…

  2. On the other line she heard a familiar voice say” Hey Aunt Ester did I catch you at a good time” Yes, Ester replied. “Great what are you doing Wednesday at 7” “Nothing, Why” replied Ester. “Well Grady and I have been involved with a leadership company that is expanding & exploding and we thought of you and will come over to share the details” “Great, we will see you then!” exclaimed Ester.

    The weeks passed and things were going just great. Then….

  3. one of Ester friends dropped by. Ester was so excited and began discussing the business plan/proposal her niece had shared with her friend. Ester had explained how she was excited, because she was looking for ways to improve her life,develop a legacy for her family and become able to have options to live her life to the fullest, according to what she beleived God intended. The friend questioned Ethel,and warned………

  4. Beware of those things. I’ve heard of them and they don’t work. I had a friend who tried one of those things once. Selling juice or something. She spent a bunch of money and never got a dime back. You shouldn’t go see them you should call back and cancel…… Ethel replied….

  5. But what if they are right? And, what other options do I have? I have to believe that this is the answer to the prayers we’ve been praying. It lines up with our priorities of faith and family. The information I’ve been learning is refreshing and truthful and has already made a difference in my thinking. The friend was curious about Ester’s newfound hope, but was still cautious. The friend began asking…

  6. So how much of your money have you put into this business, and when can you expect
    to see a result. Financially I don’t think you can afford to wait to long to get money, know
    what I mean? I trust your judgement and I want to know how you come out…

  7. Ester questions about what’s in it for them and what has changed about her thinking? She said by reading books and listening to CD’s by people who have fruit on the tree and by associating with people who are Big thinkers her thinking has changed. The people have no hidden agendas but are willing to teach and help me get what I want. I have learned to expand my capacity to see what’s possible and to Dream Big. Esther said I now have a vehicle to change my family’s legacy. I have answered your questions, now tell me if….

  8. you would like to change things in your life? I understand your friend had no success in their endeavor, but what does that have to do with you, Esther asked. Did your friend do all the necessary steps required to succeed? What is that friend doing now and is it something that can help you get what you want in this life? All I’m asking you to do is come out to our Tuesday Open Meeting and get the information for yourself before you say it’s not for you. Is that too much to ask…

  9. The friend replys, You know Ester I’m just too much of a cry baby to do anything and truthfully I’d prefer to have someone else join me in my misery. At that moment a knock at the door!!! Knock Knock Knock! Who is it? It’s Ricky and Karen Looking for something more Fernandez! Ester opens the door in more ways than one… Hi Ricky and Karen this is my other friend, she was just leaving. Ester looks at the friend already standing in her living room and says…..PEACE!!! Ricky and Karen, come on in and tell about your dreams!!!!

  10. Ricky say well I have not dreamed in so long not sure if i can . Ester says well let me tell you I was the same way untill I plugged into the system and read a book in the top 5 called The Magic of Thinking BIG it was great i felt like a kid again I was dreaming again ! Now Ricky and Karen would you say it would be a dream come true to both be at home to raise Jackson and watch every football practice and go hunting with him and take grandpa and never worry about missing opening day of the season again of any season! Karen would it be amazing to take the whole family to any where in the world you want to go for a weekend or a week . Well in this amazing business there is no limits the only ones are the ones you put on your self ! The amazing part is the system has everything to teach you how to

  11. “…hunt unicorns! Or fight dragons! Play scrabble! Anything your heart desires.” Ester smiles sweetly. “The great houseplans are in Barnhart, with many fun people. Come, listen.”
    Karen smiles back, nudging Ricky with her elbow. “We should go!” she exclaims. “It sounds fun. I like new people.”
    “OK!” Ricky agrees happily. “But it’s so far.” He frowns. “And there’s bad weather coming! How will we make it?”
    “WE’RE GOING, DON’T QUESTION IT,” Karen snarls through her teeth.
    Ester says calmly, “There’s a CD for that.”
    “We’ll see you there!” Karen says brightly.
    The following Thursday…
    (love, Shelby)

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