Who’s going?

Team AO,

Can you  imagine hanging out in Florida for a day with the leaders of TEAM on a private yacht. All newly advanced Turbo 10 Directors/Turbo 25/Turbo 50… etc qualifiers in February and/or March at the local seminar will qualify for the trip to Florida and the yacht on March 17th from 10AM-6PM.  New Roundtables qualify for two days in Florida on the yacht…March 16th and 17th!

All new TURBO 50’s  before May also qualify for a May trip to the Bahamas!  I contacted my buddy Jamaine Farrington in Freeport, Grand Bahama, and asked him to give us a few peanuts to feed our elephants. Can you feel that warm Caribbean breeze blowing through your hair.  Can you imagine the powder soft white sand under your feet?  Can you see the thousands of colorful fish as we snorkel on the private beach? What about galloping down the beach on a mighty stallion through the surf.  We may even go fishing for dinner men, while the ladies go to the international bazaar and shop.  Can you feel the 82 degree temperature as we cruise out to watch the sunset over this beautiful place? After watching this video your elephant should be charging ahead toward POWERPLAYER like never before!

Who will be there? What will you do? Can you see it?


  1. Hey big dawg what I like about this video most was the food hahaha oh and the fun filled things to do while on the island that snorkeling thing I can pratice on my navy seal skills cant wait to see you guys there sipping on some bahama mama,s

  2. Hi Raymond,
    Thanks for the Great Dream building exercise. Warm temperatures, white sand beach, blue water in March will be a great relief for what may be going on in St Louis at that time. We can hear the kettle drums, taste the spicy food and hear the locals saying Hey mawn. One of the many beaches of the world to be visited by the Team.

  3. I can taste the salt water & konk fritters already mmmmm Good, Bahamas here we come Riding my elephant all the way there CHARGE

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