This is how we do it!


Years ago when we were first introduced to the Team Approach to building communities, I was amazed that no one had ever thought of the idea or successfully implemented it before.  For years individuals would work to build a network of committed individuals that would hopefully continue to perpetuate the process.  The problem was the fact that no one had ever taken the time to identify the best practices and processes.  The proper way of building communities was as varied as the number of individuals attempting to build communities. Some would buffalo their friends into a “no brainer” of an opportunity, only to see them fail miserably and go missing in action.  Others would guilt their friends and family into “supporting” their efforts to build a business, only to be left alone and alienated when the product did not sale.  Still others would use less than upstanding gimmicks to scam unsuspecting strangers and then vanish with the cash as quickly as they had appeared. In the middle of all of that mess, emerged the TEAM.  Orrin and Chris have taken plenty of criticism along the way to fixing much of the negatives associated with building networks.  The TEAM, as its name suggests, is the premier leadership and business development organization in the Country because we have learned what it takes to build, maintain, and expand teams of people for mutual benefit.  Contrary to what most people believe, we are not in the product sales, sign them up, nor take the money and run business.  We offer a world-class education and a lucrative business plan designed to reward those that actually implement the plan the best.  The processes have been identified, and the money is there to be earned, but to earn it we must know and understand what it means to be a TEAM.

The best teams understand how to move both independently as leaders, while still leveraging the strengths and talents of the squad.  Years ago I read a book entitled the “Starfish and the Spider”, by Ori Brafman.  In this great read we learned that a starfish knows how to be a team. The five arms all have a brain and an eye that can act independently of the other four.  Even though empowered to act independently of each other they somehow are willing to do what’s best for the organism to survive.  In networking, many organizations over the years have achieved this level of interdependence. They can work and build for mutual survival, and elevate the team to success, but this alone is not what makes our TEAM unique.  We on TEAM have taken more clues from the starfish.  The Starfish, when its survival is threatened(slow growth, quitters, etc), it empowers an arm to detach from the organism and scurry away to what seems like a certain death, but to that arm it means leveraging its brain to survive and rebuild more arms and a whole new creature.

This is the secret to the TEAM…we have learned that personal development is like preparing our brain and our eye to “break” away from the body when necessary, and scurry away only to reproduce and come back stronger. Last night I saw this first hand as I scurried down to Barnhardt, MO with a group of starfish leaders led by Joe and Tracy Clark.  I saw a group of starfish arms coming back together after a week of scurrying here and there to bring guests to a house plan.  There were about 30 people at the house plan, and each member of the Clark team had a guest! Joe and Tracy, Lisa Delzeit, Jerry and Kena, Dave, Mark and Bruce.  Bob and Lori had a guest in the room, and one in attendance via SKYPE from Florida! After the plan, each arms went to work booking follow through meetings and registering new LIFE members.  It was TEAM at its best…individual hungry students, all summoning up the courage to perform and have each others backs. If you are wondering how to build a business, then take note from these starfish leaders, and learn these principles…because this is how we do it! Each of you have a team of talented and hungry leaders, and when we all learn how to be a TEAM, the sky is the limit for TEAM AO.  Are you one of the strongest arms in your team?  When slow grow occurs, will you scurry off into the living rooms of America and look to rebuild and come back stronger? I know it’s in you… All you have to do is try.


  1. Great post Raymond and visual for what’s possible for all of us.
    Iron sharpens iron. We are following the same system so we can all have the same results because “This is how we do it!”

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