We’re here!

Team AO,

What a great time last night at the official launch of LIFE.  I know everyone is finally breathing a sigh of relieve now that we have seen our business come full circle. I could not sleep last night knowing the content, commerce and community all line up to form a great business! Some of you have just joined us in this journey, and we are excited that the opportunity is better for you than when we first begun. Still others have been through a lot of changes over the past few years, enduring some flies in the ointment while anticipating this day.  Today we can now offer world-class information designed to produce excellence in the essential areas human development.

LIFE has been designed to meet just about everyone at their need and provide a just reward for the effort exerted.  In the bestselling book “Launching a Leadership Revolution”,  Orrin and Chris detail the levels of leadership, and this fits LIFE perfectly.

  • For the casual Student that wants to read great books, and listen to solid audio materials, LIFE offers a three for free program that allows them to garner their subscriptions without incurring the expense.
  • For the Serious Student , LIFE offers a membership rebate from 5% up to 50% back on all their subscriptions and materials, along with an opportunity from time to time to earn commissions from an ever-expanding community of members.  The TEAM direct fulfillment system, that teaches community building information will be key for the serious leader.
  • For the Performers that build community,  LIFE offers a world-class compensation plan that out pays the best in the industry by at least 20%. A portion of the LIFE income can then be shifted to the TEAM tools and packs in order to learn the details of team approach community building and residual income.  The powerplayer program becomes a roadmap to unlocking supplemental income that can enhance any financial outlook.
  • For the Leaders, LIFE offers the ability to achieve financial freedom, and the knowledge necessary to effect change in the lives of others. For the leaders, LIFE is as much about service to their teams as it is about income.  Leaders will have a chance to influence the lives of many people through coaching them to use the LIFE TOP 50 books and packs.
  • For Leaders of Leaders, LIFE will provide a platform to mentor leaders and affect thousands of individuals through personal writings, speaking engagements, and recordings.  Leadership influence means living a life of legacy and leaving a trail of blessed lives in your wake.

At what level you want to engage LIFE will be left up to the individual, but as we expose this information to others, let us remember that not everyone wants what we personally want out of LIFE.  If their desire is to just read and listen, then sign them up as a customer and tell them about three for free subscription program.  If they want to dabble around the edges, then sign them up as a member and start one or two subscriptions for them to get their feet wet.  If they want to earn income from LIFE then they will need to learn the principles of community building found in the TEAM training system and EBC.  Where someone starts is not always where they will finish, so at whatever level we engage someone,  remember to somehow get them around our community.  The open meetings are our front door to building teams, and the monthly seminars are the key to maintaining communities.  LIFE promises to be well worth the wait, and your future is as large as your dream.  How wide this door opens is up to you.  Are you giving the same level of commitment that you are hoping to get?

We’re here…now we must do something. Are you in for LIFE?


  1. Great Article Raymond! I am so fired up that LIFE is finally here! We have been waiting and waiting for this to arrive and I am so glad for those of us who had “stickability” to see it come to pass! It dawned on me during the Super Open last night that I am brand new in LIFE. We are all brand new in LIFE! So my (our) enthusiasm should be off the charts and it is! This is what we’ve been waiting for! We have always been a leadership development learning organization and now we have a compensation plan that will pays us for learning, applying and growing ourselves to Live Intentionally For Excellence and bless others with the exact same opportunity! For those of us who have been in for a while this is our chance! You are already PREPARED for a time such as this!!! This is what we do baby! Whew! I’m so stinkin fired up! Let’s go out here and make a list, contact, STP, F/T and REPEAT! Hut 1, Hut 2, Power Player Baby Power Player Baby AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOO Walk a Mile See a Mile HOOH! Let Team AO say AMEN because the gates of the Midwest and beyond have been open!

  2. Man oh Man Team Alpha Omega…..get ready…get ready…get ready. This is not the time to play small. Your family needs you, your community, needs you and you can bet your bottom dollar that Team Alpha Omega needs you to play YOUR part. LIFE has launched on our watch and it is up to us to “make it do what it do”

    Yesterday I found myself in a state of “gittyness” and I couldn’t help but let it spew out of me.

    In the process of living life, I contacted four individuals about this LIFE changing opportunity and without any hesitation at all each of them gave me their name and number.

    The doors,windows and hearts of the people are open. All we have to do is get self out of the way and understand that what we do matters.

    In the words of Henry Ford…coming together is the beginning…keeping together is the progress and working together is success. We have gone through this cycle so let’s CHARGE the hill and look back with honor knowing that we Played our Part in reaching 1 million and beyond.

    Love ya!

  3. Great article big dawg I find what you posted is very detailing on which level we all choose to start out on ,looking forward to getting into the game with my family.see you all at the top

  4. Great post big dog!!! AOJ1 can count me in for L.I.F.E.!!! I find myself listening to cds, and reading books more than I ever have in my life!! I feel like we are doctors and we have been called to save lives!! I will be in the front lines of AOJ1 running hard and getting this world class information into the homes of everyone..I thank the Lord everyday for Team AOJ1 for letting me be apart of the best Team on Team!!! My commitment will always be 200% because I want our whole Team to be at the top!!! I havent been in the business long but through being around the leaders I understand what they you all have been through and the significance of L.I.F.E. and the struggles you all have faced to get to this point…I must pay it forward!!!


  5. I agree with the words of Sean (a.k.a Superman) I have been waiting for LIFE all my LIFE and it is now here and I’m ready.

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