Eat the meat…spit out the bone!

Team AO,

I am reading the “Freedom Shift” book by Oliver DeMille, and I am enjoying many of the principles that he has detailed. Mr. DeMille spoke at our conference this past weekend, and his talk was one of the best of the weekend.  As I read this book, I find myself arguing with the author on a few points, and I imagine all of you do the same thing from time to time.  That’s what makes TEAM LIFE so powerful. The fact that we can all read and learn principles from great books and then through respectful discourse we can argue the best ways to actually apply the principles.  Some of the CD’s that I receive do not always strike a chord with my personality or thinking, but years ago I learned that TEAM is not just about what I think, feel or believe.  The very book or CD that I personally dislike will be the book or CD that helps my teammates overcome their Goliath obstacles and grow.  Years ago a very wise woman told me that  information is like a good steak…we are to eat the meat and spit out the bone. 

As a community of independent thinkers we are all encouraged to eat, through reading, studying, and meditating over the information received through our  LIFE subscriptions.  Some of the information will infuse you with hope, belief, and desire to chase your dreams. Some other information will be a repeat of principles that you personally have mastered years ago.  Still other pieces of information will cause you to vehemently disagree with the author or speaker.  Sometimes a CD’s will bore you to tears.  Some books will be hard for you to read and understand.  Some meetings will set you on fire and others will put your fire out.   But through it all, rest assured that just by being involved in the LIFE subscriptions, your TEAM will outpace all of those that allow themselves to choke on the bone and quit. I cannot wait to discuss these LIFE principles with such a committed group of leaders.  I thank God that He has blessed us with a culture that gives us ample opportunity to figure out the best ways to implement the principles.  We can learn from our mistakes and our successes, and we are blessed to have information arriving at our door that will allow us to intelligently discern the best principles and practices from the mistakes and success stories of others.  And when some bit of information arrives at your door that you cannot, will not, or do not want to eat, just spit out the bones and rest well knowing that it may be a blessing to someone else in your community.


  1. I agree 110 percent!!! The information we recieve monthly allows us to better ourselves as individuals and better the people that surround us. Information is just what it is. Like meat, there is some meat that is better than others. There are some people that prefer to get their meat from certain places or eat it at certain places but in the end it is all meat. TEAM L.I.F.E. information gives us the knowledge and understanding we as a people need to live the life we have always wanted and with our own efforts, we can change ourselves, our family, our city, our country, and the WORLD!!!

  2. Raymond, your post in essence is the way in which we live our life. We don’t always agree with everything that we encounter but as you state we keep that part we agree with and discard the rest. You know it all boils down to making wise choices. As we journey through life we will always face decisions to be made. Very few things are forced upon us but we usually have an opportunity to choose. In choosing the path to follow, it is the one that aligns with our values and will take us closer to our goals. We face the consequences of our choices whether good or bad and that’s why it is so important to arm ourselves with good information. As we arm ourselves with the right information, when the time comes to make choices we will be able to make wise and well informed decisions and not have to live with regrets.

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