Team AOJ1,

Fun! Fun? Fun…  It’s such a funny thing to think over.  Having fun can range from sky-diving to watching old Sanford and Son re-runs. It can be exhilarating as well as rejuvenating.  I thank God for the gift of levity, and everyone loves to have fun.  The Team motto of Have fun, make money, and make a difference, rings true in all of our ears.  I used to believe fun was predicated on how much money I had, and as I began to hang around you crazy TEAM people I have realized that true fun is being in the fight for a better life with people willing to laugh at themselves through their own personal development.  We are very unique because we will dare to knock on someone door with hope in our hands and a smile on our face. Knowing that there is a chance that we are meeting our next best friend, and knowing that if they will learn to loosen up, have some fun and enjoy this crazy journey, they too will have more fun than they ever imagined in a business.

We all have our favorite Team stories.  The crazy, dangerous one on one meetings.  The wild late nights driving the miles.  The house plan that didn’t quite turn our like you had planned. The situations that still make you smile and laugh out loud.  Share with the team the most fun you have had along your journey.

***Change the names to protect the guilty : )  ***


  1. Well there was the house plan where every one fell asleep.. I do mean everyone. The strange and “robust” woman dancing the aisles of the TEAM bus. I don't remeber her name but she had a real problem with 5 O'clock shadow. Sharing a room with Junior and Wanda..eating dinner on the floor of several hotels at seminars. Who can forget those awesome brownies?! The conversations shared at Ladies Leadership that I can not repeat…..but which have truly enriched our lives. So many different occasions with different individuals I can not list them all but just thinking of them makes smile again.

  2. Here are some data points that show the flawed thinking of people we have run across.
    -The lady who in the middle of STP brought her products out to sell us. – The lady who said she and her daughter would do the business, but then she left us with her daughter and went bowling. – The numerous people missing in action who said because of their great influence they would be bringing a large community with them. –The time when a prospects neighbors came to the tasting party with glasses of wine. –The nurse not interested in a drink made from healthy fruit. –Being asked the question “don’t you offer something in a pill form?” – Alcohol drinkers and cigarette smokers that must check with their doctor before drinking an all natural product. – A bus driver who said he has everything he wants but has about 10-15 more years of driving the bus. –Sitting down with people, getting to know them, hearing their challenges, wants and desires in life; but when asked if they are a yes (ready to get started), maybe (need more info) or no (you have everything you want) they respond by saying they are a no! –Having to answer the question “will it costs anything and will I have to do anything?” – What’s up with people who are not interested in what we’re doing but we can’t get our material back? –The lady who said let me know how it goes for you and if successful, I’ll get in.

  3. Driving to get a prospect only for her to follow me in her car instead. We drove on highway 44 at 50 mph for 45 minutes (that should have only taken 20 minutes) to a home meeting and I had to take her back to the highway so she could get home too. She didn't get in.

  4. One fun experience I remember (which wasn't at the time) was when this person was extremely “fired up”. Set up a time to show the plan but the address turned out to be an empty lot. One other time had Barbara Ball in the car to go on a plan and when we arrived no one was home or we thought until we went back to my car and saw their shadows creeping about and peeping!

  5. I can remember a lot but the Top 3 are: one person was so fired up that the address where I was suppose to be was an empty lot. The next one I had Barb in the car with me and when we knocked/ranged the door bell they turned off the lights and we walked back to the car you could still see the shadows and peeper in the window. And the best was they didn't read the book but looked at the dvd. Really?!

  6. Like everyone else..there have been so many and I wish I had started the shoebox like Chris Brady suggested so long ago.

    Top 3
    1) went to STP to old highschool friend and her husband….he let us in and as we were walking up steps and was calling for wife…he snuck back down steps and left without us or her knowing
    2)Doing seminar in Bahamas…after going in ocean with no Black Hair products no heat and no shoes thanks to improper packing on someones behalf..:)
    3)Being invited into prosepcts bedroom to see the “tee-pee” over their bed and then being asked if I wanted to speak to any of my dead relatives….ummm NO THANKS and goodnite!!

  7. Fun is having those side splitting laughs as we create lasting memories. I’ve shared food, fun , hotel rooms and car rides with so many people along our journey. And we’ve had opportunties to shop with, camp with and swim with our leaders which are priceless.

    Fun is also what we see as we look back on the once challenging days and see the humor in it all. My most memorable would be the house plan over an hour out of town that was cancelled via text as we drove onto their street. The couple was never heard from again. Next would be the plan where the person whom had introduced us to the prospective team member fell asleep while we showed their friend. And then there would be the plan that didn’t happen because the attack dogs were coming at us.

    LIFE is not meant to be lived complacently and we have a blast living it together with the team.

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