Team AOJ,

Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground. — Frederick Douglass

Freedom isn’t free, and we as Americans are blessed to live in what I still to believe to be the most free Country in the world. I as many of us worry about the deterioration of our freedoms in our homeland, but I spend too much time in the living rooms of good, hard working people to believe that the fire of freedom can be easily extinguished.  We have plenty of political challenges and ideological debates on the topic, but what makes freedom so sweet is that God himself granted each man his freedom by breathing the breath of life into each of us.  The human being, unlike all other creatures cannot tolerate slavery, even when the physical body is shackled the mind is still free to explore the endless possibilities offered to us in this life.  

Unfortunately, our current economic, political, and social upheavals have left millions without hope.  Like air to a fire, hope is to freedom.  Hope provides the energy necessary to fight (agitate) those systems that oppose our freedom.  The Team system daily provides hope to thousands that slide in a CD or turn the pages of a book.  This system of information fans the God-given fire of freedom that burns within our souls.  Financial, spiritual, mental, and physical freedoms are all found in abundance in this team, and I want to here from you what shackles have been loosed from your L.I.F.E.  

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  1. Freedom is being free of restraints, oppressions and having liberty to do as your heart leads you. One of the immediate freedoms that come to mind is being free of the mediocrity restraints of living a safe, comfortable and convenient life. Team has freed our minds to possibility thinking and the freedom to chase our dream.
    Gone are the restraints that hold us to conventional thinking of what can’t be after you are RESPONSIBLE adults.
    We are free of oppressions by life and people that try to weigh us down with the 95% thinking of taking care of our obligations and to forget living our priorities.
    We have been liberated to soar with the Eagles and to go after all God has ordained for us.

    Freedom is exhilarating!
    Edd and Rosemary

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