Team AOJ,

Situation 1:  You need a new television…You walk into Store A and the price of the television is $600.  You then walk into Store B and the price is $400.  Of course you purchase the TV at Store B walking away with the satisfaction of having saved $200 bucks.  You then take the $200 to Store C and buy a BlueRay Player and several movies.  We then tell everyone that you saved $200 on the television, but the fact is that you did not save any money.  Saving would imply that we put it somewhere safe to earn interest.

Situation 2: You need a new Car…You go to the dealer for financing and you get the payments down to $400/month for 5 years totalling $24000.  The original price of that depreciating liability was $15000. You  just invested $24000 into a $15000 vehicle that will be worth $5000 by the time we have finished paying the balance.

Situation 3:  Your budget is completely out of whack because of Situations 1 & 2…It is Saturday night and your family of five is coming in late from a ball game.  You choose out of hunger to go to the drive thru at the local burger joint and get five value meals at $5.00 each.  The food is terrible and you complain about the $25 being wasted.

Situation 4: You work five days a week, and your co-workers all go out to lunch, and you usually join them.  The average lunch meal is $6.00 and by the end of the week you are putting the gas for your new car on the Visa, along with the trip to the burger joint on Saturday, and because of this stress you go to the movie store to charge a new BlueRay disc to watch on your new TV.

Situation 5:  You are out to lunch with the girls and your remember that JC Macy’s sent you a 25% coupon as a text on your phone.  You walk into the store and notice that they are having an additional 50% off clearance and an additional 10% off of any red, yellow or blue tag item ending with .99.  You apply for a JC Macy’s card and save an additional $10% today only! So you buy all of your kids school clothes for next three years, and a few skirts that were marked down from $100 to $10. Your total bill is $200.

These are everyday financial disasters that I and most Americans fall headlong into each day.  TEAM L.I.F.E. has offered me an education that has enabled me to think more effectively about how I stewart the money that I have earned.  We sit down with people making these and other very costly mistakes and we offer them a world class education that will equip them with the knowledge to change these habits.  Many will tell us that they cannot afford $75 – $150 a month for their own financial well being, but it is up to us to share our stories of self sacrifice of what seems good for what we know to be great.  The Team training system has blessed me to know more about finances than I was ever taught in school, and as time goes, I am learning to implement these rules. Read some of my previous thoungts on Finances. Share with us some of the financial lessons that Team has taught you thus far…


  1. In truth many of the lessons on finances tught by the team I had heard before…but the difference with TEAM is that it has givenme the books and cds that daily reinforce those lessons. It is like having a personal team of finance trainers who every day remind me of a principle, convict me of my poor habits, give me new habits to try instead, encourage me to dust myself off and try again, ect. So it goes beyond any single seminar or book. It is a life style trainer that never tires or stops. Principles with legs to actually walk it out.

  2. Kena,

    It is better to be reminded than taught, and The team system is a great environment that causes us to look at the man in the mirror! I thank you for always posting great thoughts!

  3. This explains exactly how I was raised and how I've lived that past 40 some years of my life. I'm so excited about what being around TEAM and what LIFE is offering us and new people for the future starting NOW!! Looking forward to changing lives with TEAM AOJ and TEAM

    be blessed, Sandy

  4. Sandy,

    How refreshing is it to know that we can learn new habits that can drastically inprove our lives. This LIFE business is going to bless people in countless ways.

  5. Some of the best Financial lessons that Team has taught us thus far are in thinking soberly about finances such as:
    1. Money is a tool and must be used correctly or it will hurt us.
    2. Add up the total cost of a purchase.
    3. Every $1 spent changes our financial picture.
    4. Watch where our money goes; is it a want or a need?
    5. Let our money go out and work for us.
    6. Wait 24 hours before making purchases of a certain amount.
    7. A fool and his money are soon departed!

    Edd & Rosemary

  6. Just recently I was at Target buying my son school supplies and was about to buy a DVD movie. But then I remembered he needed (not wanted, but actually needed) new shoes, so I put the movie back. I was later blessed with a 50% off raincheck from Famous Footwear where I saved $15. I can now put that $15 towards my bus fare to the Leadership Convention in October. Before Team, I would have bought the movie thinking at the same time “I deserve this. I work everyday and should be able to buy myself something every now and then.” But now I find myself delaying my gratification until I reach my financial goal. And even then I will stay mindful of what I've learned through Team as well as how I spend my money to make sure I don't squander it away. Also before Team, delayed gratification was not even in my vocabulary. Team L.I.F.E. has taught me to change my way of thinking in every area of my life. I thank God for hearing and answering my prayers as well as blessing me with such a wonderful opportunity.

    Brenda Twiggs

  7. Brenda,

    Thank you for being transparent enough to share a story that we all can relate to. It is a blessing to know that we are plugged into world class info that can and will lead us to a brighter future and a new LIFE!

  8. Raymond,
    Your blog is very educating and enjoyable to read. I know that there are greater things to come for you and your family. I love the fact that God has put an awesome mission before you and Tina and allowed me and soon to be millions of people to observe, learn, and grow while watching you all run this race together. God Bless…continue to keep God first, and feed his people.


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