We are family!

Team AOJ,

As we journey into the business of L.I.F.E. I wanted to capture the spirit of AOJ1 by hearing from everyone on the impact that this organization has had in their lives.  Thank each of you that responded to the article on FAITH, and today I want to hear from you in the area of FAMILY.

We are family…A song made famous by the Sister Sledge : ) in the 80’s (I am dating myself). Our families can evoke such strong emotions both positive and negative.  Very few of us come from perfect family situations, and often we carry that baggage for our entire lives. For years we were told that blood is thicker than water, and to quote Nicholas Earp, in the 1994 movie Wyatt Earp, as he spoke to his adolescent children at the dinner table…

“Remember this, all of you. Nothing counts so much as blood. The rest are just strangers.” 

As a part of this wonderful TEAM, I have come to realize that often family can be extended to include not just those that share our DNA, but also those that share our passions, ideology, work ethic, and hopes.  We on TEAM AOJ1 have built such a close knit family that it amazes those on the outside how loyal we have become to people who were once strangers.  People that without this business we would have never met or come to love and respect.  TEAM unlike our World crosses racial, gender, political, socio-economic, and all other barriers to see the human family as one. We strive to love people where they are, and in doing so we extend our arms to welcome new adopted family members.  Some will stay, some will be here for just a season, but all will feel the love of this wonderful family. Let me know how TEAM has had an impact on your FAMILY both biological and adopted.


  1. TEAM has given me a new perspective on family. I was definitely big on family before TEAM found me, and now my belief and strength in family have grown. AOJ1 promotes a close family relationship that everyone and anyone can respect. I implement what I learn from my AOJ1 family to my biological family. I try to show them values and unity that only comes from getting different information and being around different people who care. Team AOJ1 will be the Team everyone wants to be apart of because of the unity and how we show love to one another. Keep doing what you are doing guys because LJ is our guide and he hasnt steered us wrong yet!!!


  2. You are such a young hungry student in the AOJ1 family. You are proving that hunger and systematic work will pay off. Congrats on being 6 deep since the major! Your Big Brother… Raymond!

  3. In our first family, parents taught us values, how to get along, to love, respect and to live harmoniously in that environment. Since then, we have and are becoming part of other natural communities/families i.e. in-laws, church, work, school, sports, Team, and neighbors to name a few. Just as in our first family, we must learn to live harmoniously in these new communities/families and we (Team) can apply the leadership principals learned from the association, top 5 books, CD’s and the Bible to accomplish this.

    The world teaches negative thinking such as complaining, criticizing, condemning and self-centeredness. The Team replaces negative with the positive approach of accepting, approving, appreciating everyone. The Team is a positive community we can introduce biological and extended families to in order to teach principals for better living and right thinking (as a man thinketh, so is he). As the thinking change in these families, the quality of life improves and everyone benefits; those in the immediate family and society as a whole. How different would the world and society be if everyone practiced the “Golden Rule”? Through the training system, we have tangible tools that will stimulate right thinking and right principals to pass forward to influence members (young and old) in these families/natural communities that can add up to long lasting legacy of positive environments in which everyone has the freedom to grow and become all he/she was meant to.

  4. Team has been a huge plessing to my family in countles ways. Because it has helped to deveop me into a better person that naturally spills over into being a better wife, mother, sister and friend.

    Prior to TEAM I had no driving desire to be a stay at home anything! But because of the transparency of the leading ladies, my thought process was challenged and being at home has returned a legacy to my family and has been such a blessing!

    I believe the family is the center and quite possibly the root of society. When your family is strong, has deep roots and a solid foundation then YOU are more likely to become just as strong and valuable to society.

    So TEAM AOJ1 let's voluntarily leave our families, go out of our homes and into the homes of America and be a blessing as God has richly blessed us with a vehicle to change the world.

    AaaaaaOOOO…walk a mile…see a mile..HUH

    Tina A

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