The Business of Faith

Team AOJ,

As we begin this new phase of our business evolution, L.I.F.E. (Living Intentionally For Excellence) is all the buzz! The ability to serve a community of leaders in the eight most important areas of their lives is going to prove both profitable and personally rewarding. In thinking through those eight areas, I wanted to hear from the TEAM on what each of them mean to you and how this organization has had an impact on you personally.

As a Christian, I believe that faith is of the highest importance, and each of us may view faith differently.  I want to hear from EVERY team member on AOJ as to what is FAITH?  What impact the TEAM has had on your faith?  What are you doing to exercise your faith in and beyond this business?  Spread the word, pass the link to all AOJ members, and lets examine this powerful area of our lives in order to Live Intentionally For Excellence!


  1. F: Foreknowledge
    A: About
    I: Ingression (look it up)
    T: To
    H: Heaven

    1.) TEAM has had a positive impact on my Faith, the books and CD's are in complete agreement with my belief in God and Jesus Christ.

    2.) To exercise my Faith beyond this buisness I am going to use the communiction skills I've acquired from the system to spread the Gospel through all nations.

    Written by Tirae' Lanise Abernathy

    “take it to the bank”

  2. What is Faith?

    My mind defines Faith is a variety of ways. Yet what sticks out most is..believing without seeing. Seeing without seeing. Moving in that direction with no evidence that that direction even exist.

    This business has only enhanced my faith. I now have and have had in the past so many opportunities to share my faith, give biblical information and references all in this crazy biz called TEAM.

    Because of this biz I have been exposed to so many pieces of material that have all aligned with my faith and has caused who I am in the FAITH area to be challenged and grow.

    In particular the book, The Age of Opportunity has been outstanding in the parenting area for me. It gave and continues to give me biblical references for parenting my children. I am so thankful for such tried and true information.

    It's no longer theory…it's the real deal!!

    Tina A

  3. Right now what comes to mind is believing in things that are not seen. TEAM has helped me in this area by stretching my imagination. TEAM has opened my mind to believe and see me accomplishing things that have never happened in my family and I know BY FAITH I will leave a lasting legacy for generations to come. I'm exercising my FAITH by having a closer walk with the Lord,seeking His counsel and stepping outside my familiar zone to touch more lives. I'm learning to trust the Lord that when I do the work; He will bring the increase…..BY FAITH

    ~Joy S.

    PS: Love it, Tirae…and I did look it up 🙂

  4. I think faith, for me, is unconditional belief in God and His word. It is an acceptance of things I do not understand or like because I have faith that my God is in control and working for my good in all things regardless of how circumstances may appear. It rises above circumstances, personal perception, experience or reality as I may see it.

    This business has challenged me to stretch myself in all areas of my life..especially my faith. TEAM prodes me to walk out my values including my faith daily to the absolute best of my ability. Not my best cushioned between excuses and rationalizations but the absolute best person I am capable of and with the system that improves daily. The TEAM has challenged me to live better and more importantly given me the tools to be that person of power and faith that God intended me to be to bring glory to Him.

    -Kena H

  5. Raymond in what faith has done for me through out my past has shown me that whats out there in front of me is nothing more than another speedbump alone the way My journey has by far been different from others that only God had intended just for me,so I know being associated with the Team has not only been a blessing for me,It has nurished my growth as an individual to continue to be a better husband,father,brother,son and freind.Team AOJ1 we aren't here just by luck I believe by FAITH,w.a.m.s.a.m

  6. By Faith, our fore Fathers like Abraham, Isaac and Jacob pursed excellence for God. The blessings that they and others like King David and King Solomon received for their faith were incredible. God say that if we have faith at least as big of a mustard seed, we can ask a tree to move and He will move it. What I have seen over the past year with the faithfulness of Colby, Tina & you and Larry as well as so many others is so strong when I have struggled. Thank you for your commitment, dedication and love for all of us. God bless, sandy

  7. To me, faith means dying for what you believe in. Team has made me stronger in my faith by adopting the principles that I learned from the Bible. Team has given me a way to be closer to Him and ultimately serve His will. I still have alot of work to do on myself but faith and team keep me going everyday.

    Sean T “GOGGLES”

  8. What is faith? The simple answer is that it is belief in what can not be seen. What does that look like? That can be harder to grasp. I believe one example is the willingness of a strong woman to become a woman of strength after growing closer to the Lord. Books like Love and Respect give biblical reasons to respect our husbands. This can be an act of faith. TEAM has exposed me to an education that is not merely “business” related, but books that challenge my faith and purpose – For Women Only, Love and Respect, the Five Love Languages and many more. I am excited to be part of an industry that makes it “ok” to speak and live my faith. Tracy

  9. My interpretation of Faith is trusting God and belief in his word. He orders my foot steps; because he knows the plans he has for my life, so my job is to trust him. As I walk in his will he gives me grace to grow in faith and belief in his power.

    The Team with its community building focus has given me the opportunity to reach out with truths and touch the lives of people I probably would not have met had I not been a part of this Awesome Team. I have run across a lot of hurting and disillusioned people out there who need and could definitely benefit from what LIFE has to offer.

    In that I am first a born again Christian and then a business building, my faith is an integral part of who I am. When out and about in daily living, I am a representative of Christ and my actions are Christ-like showing compassion, giving a helping hand, spreading words of encouragement and cheer those I come in contact with. Also, those who have an ear to hear, I have some Good news to share with them.

  10. Edd…You and Rosemary inspire me to become better by your excellent example of Faith in our Lord and Savior. WE love you…

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