Education: Push or Pull?

Team AOJ,

“Philosophers have long concluded that every man has two educations: One which is given to him and the other which he gives himself.”
This quote is so very relevant to this new era of evolution as business partners and friends.  Our modern education system is designed to push a systematic employee mentality on the masses of people that leave us dependant on someone else for our survival.  On the TEAM, we expect that hungry, ambitious, teachable people that have integrity will pull enough truths out of our system to transform the average life into a life of excellence.  What we have been taught seldom nourishes the mind like that we teach ourselves. The new L.I.F.E. opportunity offers us a world class pull education in these significant areas. 

  • Faith: The cornerstone of the human existence.  Man was created as an inquisitive, intelligent being that is constantly seeking the truth.  We all ask ourselves the deep questions about our life’s purpose, and we all will worship something.  There are many answers to the who, what, and why questions, but there is only one truth.  The TEAM is on a quest to uncover these spiritual truths in the lives of millions of people. 
  • Family:  Family is what makes us civilized.  Regardless of our differences, our hang ups, our prejudices, our fears and our differences, we all share a common love for our families.  We may not like them all, but we do love them dearly.  Many of us stand in the gap between our elderly fore parents that sacrificed and worked for our betterment, and our children that are looking to us for everything.  We have spouses that we have pledged our lives to, and we can all pull some nuggets of information into our lives to make us better servants of our families. 
  • Finances:  Finances has the biggest strangle hold on the time of most Americans.  We give more hours to this fleeting but necessary pursuit. The high priced education that we had pushed into our minds unfortunately has left most of us in dead end positions that do not meet our financial needs. The fact that we can learn financial principles that stop the money leaks while adding more to the boat is one of TEAM’s strongest assets. This plan is going to get even more lucrative in the not so near future as our leaders introduce L.I.F.E.
  • Friends: How many of us have them? Friends? Ones we can depend on? The TEAM has introduced me to friends that I would have never gotten to know because of my reclusive television watching life.  Instead, we step into the living rooms of complete strangers that we can fall in love with and become the best of friends, business partners, and encouragers.
  • Fun: Have you ever walked through mansion with a group of crazy folks that combined could not afford the mortgage? Have you ever played a round of golf with a group of people that kept score based upon distance? Have you ever sung old hip-hop, country, rock, pop, and gospel songs on a bus full of crazy folks?  Have you ever been on a team scavenger hunt or played TEAM family feud?  We know how to have fun, and on August 27th we will prove this at the AOJ annual picnic. 
  • Fitness: We only get one body, and we have to learn better habits in order to take better care of it.  TEAM is about educating us on better eating, living and exercise habits so that we are here longer to enjoy the bountiful blessing in store for us!
  • Following: It one thing to succeed, and it’s another to help others succeed.  We can all learn the art of influence, and help lead others to the truths TEAM accentuates. Servant Leadership is a noble calling, and this system will prepare you and I to serve countless others with our lives, and truly make a difference. 
  • Freedom:  Freedom is not free! There is a price to be paid, and our generation is behind on our payments.  If we are not careful it will be re-possessed! Can we learn more about this self evident truth? We can and we must. 
We can choose our education, and pull from a great system all that we need to life an excellence? So I am asking each of you to pull out all stops and plug into our system like never before.  Pull your own weight, and pull your dreams to the forefront of your mind.  Pull your heart from behind the wall of fear and let’s become a tight team of leaders.  If you and I can manage to pull our way over our obstacles, we can stop being pushed around by L.I.F.E. 


    1. The more I learn the more I discover I have to learn. I guess we all must walk a mile to see a mile and after walking many miles the excitement in my heart is difficult to communicate to those that can't see what I see.

      The L.I.F.E opportunity will encourage men and women like nothing else to do the right thing! It may not develop perfect men, women and children but it most certainly will play a significant part in the development of better men, women and children as we each identify which of those 8 categories we will focus on for the purpose of living an excellent life. Will it be 1,2,3 or all 8 categories? We each get to decide.


      Larry Cheatham

    2. Raymond and TEAM AOJ1!!

      The time is now and the who is YOU, ME and anyone who wants to join this train headed for a million folks Living Intentionally For Excellence!

      Guys we all have fear but we must choose to be brave! This thing called LIFE requires us to pick up a sword and fight mediocrity daily with bravery.

      It is the brave soul who chooses to lie in bed at night and ponder what is my real dream? What do I want? Who do I want to become? What will my legacy be? The coward will ask these questions once in a while but dismiss them as pipedreams. The brave soul will ask these questions time and time again until it's so clear they can see it, taste it, smell it and will talk about it with tears flowing down there face. Not because they are sad, but because they know it is soon going to be a reality.

      Are you brave? Will you get clear on your dream? Remember, there is nothing more powerful that a man or woman who has seen their destiny and is willing to chase it!!

      CHARGE AOJ1!

      Tina A

    3. This is what I'm talking about!!! Team AOJ1 is more than just a team. We are a family. Because of this team, I find myself wanting to become a better person everyday and willing to do whatever it takes to play my part on the team. I love all of AOJ1 and we will ALL be at the top together!!!

    4. If i was looking at this for the first time and read Raymonds blog i would be like Orrin SIGN ME UP!! SIGN ME UP!! SOMEBODY! ANYBODY ! SIGN ME UP!!

      And if i or they don't… somebody call 911 and check for pulse !! The only thing this blog and life leaves them saying is you are going to get paid to learn how to live life intentionaly for excellence ? And they are going to pay me how much ? Sign ME up !! The blog was inspiring just like raymond is from stage ! Loved other comments by Larry C & Tina A & Joe & Tracy i am proud to be part of AOJ1 !!

      Dave Wiley

    5. FAITH

      Faith is hope, hope in things which we don’t have control of the end result or desired end. Faith is a belief in what is desired, but doesn’t exist now.
      Faith to me is having belief in that which has not occurred. I can’t hold it. I can’t touch it. I can’t physically see it. I don’t understand how it will work out but I am maintaining my hope of an expected outcome.
      Actually, it is trust. It is trust in a higher power than me. Trust in the providential hand of Jesus. Trust in what Jesus word say will happen. Also, to me is a hope and trust in that which I don’t understand how something will work.
      For an example, in my natural form of thinking, I don’t understand any part of aerodynamics, or the inner working of the airplane. But, I will hop on Southwest and fly anywhere they go. (Faith – Hope in a system or process _ for an expected result)
      The Team system, when used as instructed will give you an expected out come or desired results. This type of faith hinges on personal work habits and provident.
      Trusting Jesus for what he said he would do through his word is Faith. This type of Faith passes all understanding. I don’t qualify to explain or understand. I just trust I N JESUS.
      These songs are to me an expressions of the faith that I have attempted to express to you.

      Trusting as the moments fly,
      Trusting as the days go by;
      Trusting Him what-e’er befall,
      Trusting Jesus that is all

      Victory Ahead ~ UNKNOWN
      David, with a shepherd’s sling and five stones,
      Met the giant on the field all alone;
      Trusting in the Lord,
      he knew what God had said-
      By faith, he saw the victory ahead.
      Victory ahead! Victory ahead!
      Thro’ the blood of Jesus, victory ahead;
      Trusting in the Lord,
      I hear the conq’ror’s tread- By faith, I see the victory ahead.

      FAITH by Edd Paul

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