Seemore, Saymore, Bemore

Team AOJ,

Is there enough for everyone to win?  This is a question that I believe hinders the growth of many would be leaders.  Our world teaches what Paul Zane Pilser refers to as a shortage mentality.  We are constantly being told that there is not enough, and that we are running out of opportunities in our country.  On our jobs there are limited promotions and salary caps.  The few pennies that are given out, are usually fought over at ratings time; only to be given to the chosen few that play the “game” the best.  We are running out of oil, running out of jobs, running out of ozone layer, and running out of time according to the evening news.  This shortage mentality plays havoc on our psyche by forcing us to live within the boundaries of our own self imposed ceilings.  Our minds are in a shortage coma, and we expend our best efforts trying to figure out how to get all we can out of our little bit.  This mindset only gives us one option in life and that is to settle for the complacency of  less. Fortunately for us on the TEAM, we have a system that helps us break out of this shortage mindset into a world filled with the abundance of a living God. Abundance thinking requires three steps according to Stephen M. Covey in his best selling book “The Speed of Trust”…

  1. See More… This mental shift is the starting point of living a life of abundance.  In this phase we have to train our minds to start to look at possibilities as opposed to probabilities.  Possibility thinking ignores statistics, and odds.  Possibility thinking has a deaf ear to criticism and complaining.  In order to foster this mindset a virtual “unplugging” has to occur in the lifestyle of the real dreamer.  Television is chalk full of shortage thinkers, experts, pundits, and commentators.  These trivial small thinkers earn millions by keeping the masses believing that the sky is falling.  They tell us constantly do not go outside because its cloudy.  Do not go into that neighborhood because it is dangerous. Do not try that business because the odds say that you will not win.  All of this so called advice is shortage thinking designed to keep the masses plugged in and on edge waiting for the next disaster.  We should begin to fill our minds with “what if” thinking! We should only associate with people that see bigger and further than the so called experts, and who are willing to encourage, not discourage our abundance. 
  2. Say More…Speaking life into our situations is the next step to achieving a life of abundance.  Once we can begin to see more out of life, we have to start speak more words of abundance. We have to remove words like “can’t afford” from our vocabulary.  Instead replace it with “how can I get“.  I’m not talking some crazy mumbo jumbo that has no place in practical living, I am speaking of opening our minds to the options that we all have.  Garage sales, taking our lunch, driving less, eating out less often, selling un-used items, craigslist, ebay, lemonade stand, cleaning houses, cutting grass, shoveling snow, raking leaves, babysitting, the possibilities are endless when we change the words that we speak to ourselves. Gas is not too high…I just need more money!
  3. Be more…After seeing abundance and not shortages, and saying to yourself that you can attain that abundant life, it is time to start to behave in a way that is attractive to abundance.  In the Bible, God has created laws that govern everything including abundance.  These laws are as real as the laws of gravity, or the heat of a fire.  We cannot break them and expect to enjoy their rewards.  Abundance according to God is more about giving than receiving.  The shortage folk believe that since there is so little, then they must hoard what they can for themselves, whereas God’s law teaches that the more you give the more you shall receive.  The same small cup that you use to give will be the same small cup that God uses to give back to you.  Being more means just that…be more of a giver to those around you.  Give more of your time, money, energy, things, and love, and God promises that he will give those things and more back to you and your cup will be running over. 

For me, the TEAM system of CD’s, Books, and Association are the perfect garden for our minds to grow and produce fruits of abundance.  I believe in my heart that our nation needs this system, and we have been called to this moment in time to spread the abundance to all that believe.  See more people that need help, say more encouraging words over your life and theirs, be more of a giver than a taker, and the abundant life awaits you.

The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few…

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  1. Excellent post Mr. Abernathy,

    See, Say, Be! I am with you all the way! It's all perspective and the perspective we have is
    V I C T O R Y through getting our beief up and serving others all to the glory of God.

    Tina A

  2. Alright! I hear you daddy, this post speaks volumes to what I believe many Americans have muted their ears to hear. It's time for us people who have this knowledge to STAND UP, and share it with the world, and I believe TEAM is doing just that. Keep pushing because the harvest IS plentiful and with our help the labourers can become plentiful as well!!
    Love you,
    Your favorite 14 year old Tirae'

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