Simply Professional

Team AOJ,

I was just looking through the pages of the latest Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady best-seller entitled L.I.F.E., and I am impressed with the flair and professional content of this book.  As with everything on the TEAM, it is top shelf professional, and we should represent our ideas with the same flair and professionalism. Orrin Woodward has stated many times that “our only security lies in our ability to perform“, and that translates into taking our profession seriously enough to systematically produce results.

As you and I share our program with people, we will inevitably experience a natural resistance to the TEAM information based upon many mis-conceptions and a mis-diagnosis of what we do… Many people believe that we are your typical networking organization that pushes products at the expense of the little people on the bottom, and nothing could be further from the truth.  Team AOJ at its core is an organization seeking individuals that want to make a drastic change in their life’s around some basic areas common to all men. Our product is truly a transformed life, hence our business is not network marketing, or direct sales.  Our business is community building plain and simple.  We have nothing to be ashamed of when we sit across from someone that freely admits that they have deficiencies in their life’s around Faith, Family, Finances, Friends, Fun, Following, Fun and Freedom.  We should not be afraid to passionately argue a case for our system as a blessing in all of those areas.  As professionals we know that TEAM is not for everyone, but it is for us, and our time should be spent with only those who will value our system and our time as we value their dreams and hopes. With that being said I wanted to leave you with some simple tips on presenting this idea as a professional.

    1. Professionals share this idea 4 times a week with the specific intent on finding a need, making a friend and transferring a feeling. (Checkpoint race CD)
    2. Professionals evaluate the interest of the prospect in order to proceed properly.  Either they are a YES, NO, or MAYBE…so ask them! Most will be Maybe…
    3. Professionals properly promote the OPEN and First Night Pack and tie that information to their dreams.
    4. Professionals book a second interview in 2-3 days and place it in their TEAM calendar.
    5. Professionals understand that their time is valuable and they expect that the “MAYBE” prospect will commit to filling out a pre-app (no credit card info or commitment) and be willing to allow me to call them back if our team has someone interested in getting started. 

What makes this TEAM unique is that we have taken an amateur industry and have learned from a great system how to make it mainstream by adding professionalism and truths.  Team AO, it is time for us to get results, and the moment you decide to become a professional you will earn professional results.  


    1. Job well done Raymond! I absolutely love this article!!! I know what the TEAM system has done for me and sometimes need to be reminded of what it can do for others. We are positively doing what no one has ever done and to think we are pioneers in this industry is mind blowing!!! This article will definitely be added to my Belief Arsenal! Those who stay will be champions; those who DO will wear the ring! 😀

    2. Kimeve,
      Thank you for the comment, I look forward to getting to know you better and helping you learn more about our wonderful organization…

      God Bless!

    3. Big Dog,

      Great reminder on who we are and why we should be excited to be Team AOJ1 professionals. This would is clamoring for more leaders, more folks who value and are willing to talk about the 8 “f's” and more people willing to make a stand for truth. I am excited about the future of TEAM and expecting Team AOJ1 to be one of the largest Team on Team.

      I have re-written my affirmation statement, have my index card on the dash and am ready to be a blessing to anyone bold enough to cross my path.

      Whose with me?

      Tina A

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