Team AOJ,

What do you think of when you hear the term mainstream?  Mainstream to me means generally accepted as a part of everyday life for the vast majority of people.  The question is how does a business, product, or technology become mainstream?  In today’s world, products and services can become mainstream a lot faster because of the internet and its ability to spread information and access over night. We have seen IPOD’s, smart phones, and GPS become a part of everyday mainstream American basically in a few month’s.  But it has not always been that easy to integrate a product or business into mainstream America.  For decades entrepreneurs have endeavored to learn what the populace wants and/needs in order to cash in on the revenue generated by the mainstream.  Business history is littered with a trail of failed businesses and products that missed the mainstream.  Ford Motor company launched the he Edsel in the late 50’s and the car never gained popularity with mainstream American car buyers and sold poorly. Consequently, the Ford Motor Company lost millions of dollars.  It’s not just products that go badly, often the entire company disappears like Circuit City or Burger Chef.  Our history can teach us valuable lessons about the mainstream, and how to ride the wave of explosive growth.

An economist named Harry S. Dent, is often credited with a diagram called the SCurve.  The s-curve shows the progression of market penetration over time for business that hope to become mainstream.  There are three distinct phases in the entrance to mainstream business.  Fermentation is when the business launches and the early adopters jump behind the idea with time and investment capital.  Many hopeful entrepreneurs dive into the fray hoping to ride the wave. During the fermentation phase often businesses launch based upon a product or service that they are determined to be first to market. The failure occurs when the systems that support the products are no-existent or under developed.  Leaving the fledgling business only a product which is quickly copied and often improved upon, leaving them destined to join the 80% of all businesses that fail in the first five years.

 The goal obviously is to experience the Take-off phase when systems are in place and the market itself is driving revenue to our businesses.  Entrepreneurs have to develop two things in order to experience this type of explosive growth:  People and Systems. The ability to develop systems to support a business require years of mastery and skill that very few have the patience to develop.  That is why the business format franchise allows hungry students to purchase a system that has proven to work. Freeing up their time to develop themselves and others to work the system.  The TEAM offers us a very distinct advantage in that our founders Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady have mastered the art of building large, loyal communities, and our task is to develop ourselves into the leaders that can leverage the system and perpetuate growth.  
The Stagnation phase for us on the TEAM is unique in the sense that we are paid more for developing leaders to the point of “stagnation”.  A leaders at this phase is no longer needed in that organization and can then find and develop another “business” through the fermentation, and take-off phases. Our business is unique in the sense that we can develop one business together.  Pooling our resources and skills to explode through the S-curve, and then along the way develop a second business on our way toward financial freedom.  
Freedom is the end hope for all entrepreneurs, and my prayer is that Alpha Omega leaders will emerge and lead our communities into explosive growth.  Let’s lead with all that we have and share our hearts with all that we meet. I leave you with this quote…
You should know now that a man of knowledge lives by action, not by thinking about acting, nor by thinking about what he will think when he is finishing acting. A man of knowledge chooses a path with HEART and follows it.  – Carlos Castaneda


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