Is your dream worth $30?

Team AOJ,

I am still excited about our leadership meeting with Larry and Marsie last week, and the LAT is up an running. As I read over the dreams and plans of the leaders on my team, I am very impressed with the level of hunger expressed by the TEAM AOJ leaders.  Colby, Larry and I met today for lunch to set some goals and makes sure that we are in alignment with Larry’s expectations of us, and we are all charged about where this team is going. The output of our meeting was a list of new Turbo leaders on the team ,and I just wanted to give some language to help explode our seminars.

For years Team has been the best in the world at building communities, and a huge part of our community is our monthly seminar.  While other teams build volume for short term profit, we specialized in building communities of leaders that band together for long-term sustainable profits.  There is a direct correlation between the number of people in your team at the seminar and the volume that team produces. We are in the midst of  our most aggressive each one reach one campaign to date, and this will prove to be our coming out party.

Our next seminar is on December 11, 2010, and we are encouraging everyone to show plans with the specific intent of getting your prospect in a seat at the seminar.  We believe that our approach to showing plans needs to be adjusted to allow more people to “feel” the team before they join the team.  The following is some plan language that we hammered out this afternoon…(After having made a FRIEND, found a DREAM and briefly explained our project)

You: So having seen this doesn’t our system and team approach make a lot of sense?

Prospect: Yes it does make sense, but I do not have (time or money) right now…

You: I know exactly how you feel, I felt the same way, and here is what I have found.  At this point people are either “yes”, “no” or “maybe”, and to be honest only about 5% of the people I meet tell me yes on the spot. Only about 5% of the non-ambitious people tell me no, and your DREAM removes you from that group.  It sounds like you are a maybe…Is that accurate?

Prospect: Yes… I just do not know right now, and I have some questions. 

You: Great… Here is what I would recommend, I am going to loan you this $30 first night pack of information to learn more, and I am going to ask you three simple questions that will let me know if you qualify…

First question: We talked about your dreams here on this paper, are you willing to work with me to help you get these dreams?

Prospect: Yes… I am serious, but I just do not know…

You: No problem. I am not looking for you to sign up today. Second Question:  Are you free on the evening of December 11th?

Prospect:  I think I am free…

Third question:  Great here is the deal, I am investing about $30 worth of information in your dreams today, are your dreams worth you investing $30 to join me at our seminar on December 11th?

Move them the ticket and watch your numbers explode!  We have about 3 weeks to try this and then PDCA for results, and please fill up team talk and this blog with your results.  We love you all and let’s roll!  WHOOO Fired up!


Larry’s Cold Contact Ice Breaker:  So how is the economy affecting you? 

Larry’s Script: Hello Prospect, are you free on _________ at _______, I have a business idea I want to run by you?

Question 1 Reply: Have you read any Rich Dad books?

Yes or No: You are going to love this, see you on _______ at _______.

Question 2 Reply: Have you heard of TEAM?

Yes or No: You’ve never heard of the #1 business development team in the country?  You really need to sit down.  How is ________ at _______?

Question 3 Reply: It is way to complicated to explain over the phone, are you free or not ____ at ____?

2 thoughts on “Is your dream worth $30?

  1. Hi Raymond,
    That's a great question. When you consider the big picture (their dream), $30 is a very small investment to see a dream come to life. It all boils down to what value is placed on the dream. We can find ways and money to do the things we place a high value on. Conversely the things we do not place a high value on, we can't or won't find the money to do them. When we learn that there is more to life than we currently have and know that we are worthy of a victory, we will underwrite the investment necessary in addition to taking the steps to make dreams/goals a reality

  2. Raymond, Colby and Larry

    Let me just say thank you from the entire Alpha Omega organization. We appreciate your silent sacrifice of love for our benefit. We see that you three men are not just talkers but doers and we want you all to know that your efforts do not go unnoticed nor appreciated.

    May God continue to open up a window of blessings on each of you.



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