Team AOJ1,

What an exciting time we had this weekend in Salt Lake City, Utah for the monthly seminar! One of the greatest benefits of this community is that you get to meet people from all walks of life that share a common vision of freedom and excellence.  There were people that drove from Idaho four hours to be a part of the Team, and they are fired up and primed for an explosion in that area.  Tina often says that we learn more from the people at the seminar than we could ever teach them, and she is so right.  I cannot count the number of people that  shared their dreams through tears as we met them and encouraged them to press on and fight.  This is truly a great community and you should be proud to be a part of this revolution for better families, more friends, financial independence, fun times, physical fitness, a closer walk with God through faith, influence and service of a faithful following, and the restoration of freedom fighters for our country

As I sat in the Utah seminar this weekend and watched my wife Tina deliver a powerful message that hit on all of these pertinent points, I felt a rush of pride and enthusiasm for our team.  At one point Tina was so fired up that our host turned to me with tears rolling down her face and whispered,  “I love her!”, and I thought I do too… because she has a passion for helping women and girls learn to be who God has created them to be!  Her reading is amazing, and I have seen this system transform her into a leading lady on the entire team.  Tina used the acrostic D.A.R.E. as a platform to teach the team and I thought I would share her highlites.

DDefine the lifestyle that you REALLY want. 

A – Develop an attitude of gratitude for what you already have.

R – Leverage what you have been blessed with to generate revenue to finance your dreams.

E – Become committed to mastering the TEAM system and develop entrepreneur thinking.

Tina shared from her heart and issued a double dog dare to the TEAM in Utah, and I want to issue the same dare to you my team mates…

I dare you to set yourself on fire for a change in your life, and invite thousands to come see you burn.
I dare you to stop being your own worst enemy with negative self talk and self sabotage.
I dare each of your to go-getter by any means necessary.
I dare you to change your habits and sacrifice what you can have now for what will earn later.
I dare you to be a LEADER in this community!
I dare you to help one new person get to our open meeting!
I dare you to stop believing the false reports of your past.
I dare you to stop being a victim and start being the victor!
I dare you to get your ticket to the Seminar moved this week!
I dare you to come with the leaders to The Van Buskirk Camp Ground in the Spring!
I dare you to quit quitting when it gets tough.
I dare you to stop making excuses and start making plans.
I dare you to quit feeling sorry for your self and start felling sorry for those that tell you NO.
I dare your to go Turbo 10/ PowerPlayer!

In the bible there is the story of David and Goliath, and in the story the giant Goliath issues a dare twice a day for 40 days to the entire Army of God.  Daring any one who had the courage to fight him to step up and bring it!  40 days twice a day and no man would heed the call until a young errand boy delivering food to his brothers named David heard this dare and stepped up to the challenge by asking the question…Is there not a cause?  So I ask each member of this team… Is there not a cause worthy of your best efforts?  Are your children and grandchildren worth you trying your best?  Is the financial stability of your home and family not worth showing this plan 15 times a month?  Is the tide of our politics, education and morals not worth you sharing what you have learned from this community and system? I DARE you to step out of the crowd of mediocrity and apathy and join us in this quest to affect 1 million lives.  Finally, I dare you to see further than your eyes can look and trust God for all of your needs on your journey.  I dare you…

3 thoughts on “D.A.R.E.”

  1. I'm reading this latest post and I must smile as I remember as a child daring and being dared. I dare you to knock this off my shoulder. I bet most have experinced this at least once in their life and anyone with a little heart usually just could not resist the challenge of the dare. The dares put forth in this post are life changing for those that accept the challenge. Raymond and Tina I accept your challenge and invite anyone with heart to join the battlefield! I DARE YOU!!!

    Larry Cheatham

  2. Thanks Big Dog for reminding us of how blessed we are to have Tina as THE leading lady of AOJ1. I know we don’t tell her how much we appreciate all she does, not only for me and Danielle but for the entire team. With leaders like you two we feel compelled to accept your DARE. COUNT US IN!!!!

  3. Hi Raymond,
    Another great post. Thank You.
    In discussing the term dare, we came up with the thought that it is a mechanism that can inspire one into action. It inspires to action because a “dare” can hit at the core of our being. We are beings created for action and a “dare” can make us uncomfortable and move into action. Without action nothing gets done. So, we accept the dare and will do our part in accomplishing this great mission of the Team.

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