Ideas, Imagination and Plans

Team AOJ,

“When ideas are cultivated they ignite a creative imagination.  An imagination watered and developed will spark a God inspired plan of action.  A plan of action, executed consistently over time, WILL produce a life of realized purpose.”

In reading “The Principles and Power of Vision” by Dr. Myles Munroe, I am falling in love with the aforementioned process by which we can radically discover our God given purpose.  As I build the TEAM community, I often encounter people that cannot uncover their purpose, will not allow themselves to be counted worthy of a purpose, or have no hope upon which to live on purpose.  Our greatest challenge in building our communities is to help others peel back the layers of muck and mire that the world has heaped upon them, and help each person we meet walk out of the shadows of the labels placed upon them by non-dreamers.  We are in effect fighting a battle against an unseen enemy called the past that has captured the ideas, imagination and plans of a Nation.

I firmly believe that we have the system of personal development and the principled leaders necessary to help anyone willing to work and change, but it must begin with each one of us.  Just like the airline instructions given in case of a loss of cabin pressure…”Place your oxygen mask on first, before assisting others.”

We on TEAM are called to ignite our own souls with our God given purpose, so that others may catch a spark in their souls.  It all begins with great ideas, and our leaders have tapped into a set of ideas that are so far from the norm that they are often viewed as abnormal.  The idea that individuals can learn to think and do for themselves as a community of home based business owners is so foreign to the average American that it seems impossible.  The idea that people will shift their incomes away from mainstream media and entertainment and literally unplug themselves from pop culture and the news outlets seems ridiculous.  The idea that these individuals will then take responsibility for their own education and buck the institutional ideas of go to school get good grades and find a safe job.  The idea that people will learn together though reading, audio CD’s, and association in order to fortify their community into a force for commerce over the internet seems far fetched.  The idea that this fledgling group of interdependent leaders could influence the fastest growing and most successful company in the history of direct selling seems outrageous. The idea that over time this community could grow to over one million people with the combined internet purchasing power of over $300 million per month and dictate terms of partnership with companies in a variety of markets.  The idea that you could be one of the founding members of this community seems so unbelievable that your family and friends may secretly and not so secretly laugh at your efforts.

One thing for certain there is no stopping an idea whose time has come, and for us we should allow these ideas to be cultivated in our hearts and minds long enough to spark our sanctified imaginations.  If you are like me, you lay awake at night imagining the possibilities of great health, wealth and wisdom. If your imagination runs wild like mine, then you can see the day when you have helped thousands of people have a stronger faith in the only wise God our Savior Jesus Christ.  If you closed your eyes you may be able to imagine family and marriage being placed back in its proper biblical view point and applauded.  If we imagined long enough we could see the impact of our efforts open up a whole new world of life long friendships.  If we dared to imagine a time when our finances were secure enough that the pressures of debt and work no longer consumed our daily thoughts.  Imagine a day when our schedule allowed time for proper eating and fitness, and we raised more fit children that avoided the pitfalls of the pharmaceutical addictions that millions suffer from. Imagine Christmas in the Caribbean for your entire family and everyone opening presents on a private beach, riding wave runners singing Jingle Bells, can you imagine the fun?  Imagine the freedom of never have to punch a clock, or never having to say this is my boss.  Now imagine you having helped thousands of others along your journey so much so that you are worthy of a following of conscientious leaders that are shaking up the World!

If you can leverage these ideas long enough to vividly imagine your success, then we have a plan of action called Power Player, ready to be executed.  But here’s the catch you have to write it down and be willing to share it with those in the race with you. The plan begins with who are you?  What in your existence makes you come alive?  What did God create YOU specifically to do? You know what it is because it keeps reappearing in your life. Once you accept that calling, then you must ask where am I going?  Write down where you will be next year, next five years, next decade.  I know what you are thinking… How can I plan that far out when I cannot plan what I will be doing next week?  Do it anyway!  Write the vision and make it plain! Because God gives each of us a Purpose, and our job is to imagine that purpose coming to fruition, write it down and visit the plan often.  These two steps are the key to opening the doors of providence in our lives.  God has promised that when we act according to His will (PURPOSE), and walk by faith and not by sight (PLAN), then He will bring the increase. There is power in ideas, imagination and plans, and I encourage you to start today… Here is my start…

My God given purpose is to serve, teach ,and inspire millions of people to think and to do for themselves that through faith in Jesus Christ, God may receive glory.  


4 thoughts on “Ideas, Imagination and Plans”

  1. Very well said Raymond.
    Even after knowing this for so long, it really helps to be reminded by a fellow brother in the battle. Thank you sir.
    God bless
    Rich Dudek

  2. Raymond, thank you for the time, energy and thought put into this inspirational post! As we read it, we could tell it came from a heart inspired by God. May God continue to keep you encouraged on the journey.
    It reminds us that one of our assignments is to evolve in order to maximize our God-given potential. We believe the Team association is a tool to be used in our evolution. With the help of the Lord, we are going to go through the process in order to be all that he has called us to be.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Amen and Fabulous!

    It is obvious to so many that your passion exceeds your own self interest and this article is further proof to that end.

    This journey called Team MonaVie has taken so much from me YET brought so much out of me that all I can do is say Thank You Lord. My purpose is becoming more and more clear with each page turned, each CD listened to and certainly each time I am around strict 95% media if only for a moment.

    I refuse to leave this world without leaving my uniquely created indelible mark. I refuse to let another Abernathy generation grow up wandering aimlessly in this world acting as if they are not Kings and Queens. I further refuse to protect only my house, my children, my stuff while the world continues to cry no absolutes, do what ever feels good and because of it, take a heap of souls to hell in a hand basket!!

    For I now so clearly realize, that when I help to educate a mother, I educate the next generation!!

    Reporting for the fully ALIVE LIFE,
    Yours Truly,
    Tina Anise Abernathy

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