Starfish and the Spider

Team AOJ,

I recently perused through  great book that was apart of our system entitled the Starfish and the Spider…The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations.  The sub title speaks of “Leaderless Organizations”,and that term itself can give one pause as it relates to our Leadership based community.  But as with most things, the book is deeper than it seems. It’s a great read on the power of a decentralized organization.  For years you and I have been taught that leadership is the key to building lasting businesses, and without a doubt our experiences have taught us that nothing happens unless some “rascal” of a leader makes something happen. But the book uncovered a deeper thought to leadership.   Two ways in which to lead, and the varying results of those processes.

If we look at the comparison between a Starfish and a Spider we see two very distinct ways to lead.  The Spider has one body consisting of eight legs and organs that are lead by a single centralized mind.  This one mind directs all of the eight legs in unison to move quickly and flawlessly in ways that ensure its survival.  In contrast the Starfish is very different… A Starfish is comprised of several arms each regulated by its own mind.  The arms work in agreed cooperation for the survival of organism.  If you cut off the head of a spider then of course the legs all die, but if you cut off the arm of a starfish, then you will have two fully functioning species capable of survival and regrowth.

So what does that have to do with TEAM????  Everything!  The genius of Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady is that they broke away from an old SPIDER of an industry call Network Marketing, and they have over the course of time created a system that produces a community of STARFISH.  For years this industry was based upon the results of one leader achieving greatness, and inevitably that leader would moving on, have a character lapse, retire, or just ride off with the cash leaving the “legs”to die.  But not TEAM, not you and I, we are creating a “LEADERLESS” community by producing stand alone organizations that have the capability to survive and re-grow not based upon a principled leader, but built upon leadership principles.

Cut off one of our arms and we keep coming, a single leader has a moment of human frailty, and another arm steps up to fill the gap.  Someone quits, two more join.  I believe that the secret of TEAM is this unique approach to leadership.  A single minded focus of developing your replacement, and serving them long enough that they are better equipped to lead than yourself.

The TEAM personifies the ego-less environment necessary to form Starfish organizations, and we are beyond blessed to be a part of such a great movement.  Over time it becomes unstoppable because the enemies of success have no idea where to attack. Complacency may get one or two teams, but four others stay the course of break powerplayers.  Fear may paralyze a few of us from time to time, but everyday hundreds overcome fears threats. Lack of money or time may bring about doubt for a few, but daily thousands choose to sacrifice wants for needs. One arm can always restart the march to a million.  How strong is your arm?  Are you running for powerplayer/turbo?  If your upline leader was cut off, would your group look to you for survival and growth?  If you answered no, then change that to not yet!  If you answered yes, then welcome to team leadership you big ole STARFISH!

We are going to lead the growth and development of TEAM in the mid-west, and you are just the one to lead the way!  See you at the top!

4 thoughts on “Starfish and the Spider”

  1. Raymond, you did a Great job on the board last night and continue with this excellent post. We know AOJ1 is operating on all cyclinders with elephants charging and building starfish communities. Ain't no stopping us now….we're on the move! Operation Top Gun Power Player, engage.

  2. Wow! Can I think of examples I've seen over time of both the Spider and the Starfish! You have once again done an incredible job sharing in a way that is relatable, entertaining and easy to understand. You and Tina are blessings to the team and I am proud to call you family!

    Walk a Mile!
    See a Mile!

    Larry Cheatham

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