Earn this!

Team AOJ,

The reason most people do not ever achieve anything significant is because they were taught to only go after that which is realistic, safe, and attainable.”

 I read that quote this morning and thought of the goals that I have set for myself and our Team goal of winning the powerplayer top gun.  We have set a lofty goal, but at least we are shooting for the moon!  WE as a team are going for excellence, the top of the mountain, the first place trophy, and I belief that there is less competition in running for the best.  Most people will believe that they cannot win the top gun powerplayer, but I know that we can.  We have the game plan in place to get every AOJ leg 10 deep by October 16th. That one feat will take the lid off of every AOJ leader, and give us 3 months to go powerplayer, and I know for a fact that you as leaders have what it takes. 

We have an excellent example in Larry and Marsie Van Buskirk, that have thrown their hearts into this team, and we are accountable to them on a weekly basis for our results.  They are so looking forward to mentoring any AOJ leader that decides to step out of the pack and chase greatness. Larry and Marsie will be in town on November 20th, and we are planning some great fun for the leaders that are brave enough to join the 300 Club or go go-getter, for BOTH September and October.  The 300 Club and Powerplayer are necessary steps to go powerplayer, and those that qualify for Larry and Marsie will be on there way.  Mark your calendars and earn this!


1 thought on “Earn this!”

  1. Hi Raymond, we like this lofty goal AND on this AOJ Team, we have all that's required to make it a reality. We have the Lord on our side,character, passion, grit, know how, determination, and the leverage of the Team. We know that what one group of committed men and women has achieved another group (AOJ) can do the same. So…let's dig in and continue to press toward the mark of Operation Top Gun Power Player.

    Edd & Rosemary

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