Do you have Charisma?

Team AOJ,

John Maxwell lists charisma as the second indisputable quality of a leader. When I think of charisma I get a mental picture of a dynamic, well spoken, sharp born leader that others seem drawn to without much effort. The “face” person that has had life by the tail since birth, but the real truth is that charisma as most things in life can be learned, and a persons talents have very little to do with the process.

For example, a story  is told of a woman that had a chance to sit down for dinner with two adversarial political opponents for an interview before the election.  Both candidates were smart, well spoken, impeccably dressed and very qualified to serve in office, but when asked what she thought of the first candidate she stated…  After an hour with the man I thought that he was the most important person in the country.  When asked about the second candidate she stated that after an hour with him she was convinced that she was the most important person in the country.

You see charisma is about making others feel good about themselves.. not making them feel good about you!  There are four things that we can do to make ourselves more attractive to others…

  1. Love Life – No one wants to be around grumpy mean people.  Be fully alive and others will be drawn to you. 
  2. Give everyone a “10” – Learn to see only the best in other people.  Stop being a fault finder.  The greatest gift we give is not our riches, but the ability to help others reveal their own riches. 
  3. HOPE – Be a dealer in hope! Never let what cannot be done pass from your lips.  Be a light that shines so bright that others can see their dreams from your reflection. 
  4. Share – Be a giver of your resources, talents, time, energy, wisdom, love, and experience to others.  List out five people that you will add value to this year. Place the list somewhere prominent and track your progress.  

Team AOJ we are in need of more charismatic leaders, and your time is now. Get out there and set yourself on fire so others will come to see you burn!

Please share your thoughts

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