Team AOJ,

As we approach the major convention , I always take some time to reflect on my personal growth and efforts around my character, tasks and relationships. This introspective approach helps me face the brutal facts of my personal development and better plan my efforts during and after the convention. I am reading the John Maxwell book entitled “The 21 Indisputable Qualities of a Leader”, and the chapter on Character struck a cord with me today. The sub-heading reads Character is more than just talk. And Maxwell writes…

“Your character determines who you are, and who you are determines what you see, and what you see determines what you will do.”

 As this relates to you and I in our effort to build our community, I had to ask myself  WHO am I?  Am I a person that does what he says he is going to do?  Do I stretch the truth for convenience sake?  Can I be trusted in all areas of my life?  Can my teammates depend on me being in the fight with them?  Will I make the necessary sacrifices of my time, money, energy and efforts to help someone else reach their goals?  These and more are all questions of my personal character.  WHO are you?  If everyone on your team had your character would you be excited or worried?

Who we are will determine how we SEE everything!  If I personally lack the character necessary to lead myself then I see everyone else through the same lens. Every plan shown becomes a dicey game of cat and mouse with both parties over promising and neither party believing or trusting the other.  I heard a quote once that states that most people do not see the World as it is, they see the World as they are…  Meaning that if I have cracks in my work ethic then I see everyone else as lazy.  If I cannot be trusted, then everyone else is a liar.  If I steal then everyone is a crook.  Think about that the next time you find fault in someone else.  On the flip side if I am a person of high character, then I we SEE and expect others to be of the same ilk.  When I show the plan with character, then the other party senses my trustworthiness and reciprocates trust and a true relationship can be built. I then can SEE myself as someone worthy of following, and my influence can expand.

What we see will determine what we DO.   Am I really showing 4 plans a week with specific intent? Am I really listening to CD’s daily, and reading at least 15 minutes a night?  Am I really trying to get guests to Tuesday and booking follow through meetings? Doing begins with being, and if our character has cracks in it’s foundation, then we will not see ourselves in a light bright enough to DO the work necessary to win.  So many leaders have the tendency to try to DO before they become, and the inevitable let down only serves to lessen our opinion of ourselves and retard our growth.

What will happen when every leader on Team AOJ decides to personally work on becoming WHO God created them to be?  Is it possible that our eyes will be opened to SEE our great potential to lead this business throughout the mid-west?  Would our clearer vision allow us to DO the work necessary to win the Powerplayer Top Gun at our Winter Convention?  I am putting my character to the test in order to do my part, and my prayer is that you will join me…

One thing for certain… A Leader cannot rise above the limitations of their character… 

4 thoughts on “WHO…SEE…DO”

  1. I might normally read this and say great post but this is more than just a great post. It has truly caused me to pause to take a closer look at self regarding my own character in every area of my life that I can think of. It can be so easy to read a post like this and think of all the other people we know that need to read it; DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING WARNING WARNING WARNING!!! Who we are will determine how we see everything!!! Thanks for the close examination of self Raymond and sharing both that and the chapter on character by John Maxwell. It reminds me of the importance to not only read but to re-read and it also reminds me to ask myself who am I?

    Thanks Raymond,

    Larry Cheatham

  2. Congrats to Leslie Ward for being the CD Listening Champions for Team AOJ1 at the September 2010 Seminar!!!!

    For all the CD Champion I failed to leave a post congratulating you please except my apology and know that I appreciate your committment to learning.

    If you have ever held the trophy in your possession congratulations!!!


    Larry Cheatham

  3. Sigh…first Tina…and now you??? Lick…lick…lick…LOL…..Okay SERIOUSLY…This is what my pastor calls the Ole' ONE-TWO…meaning this was an AMEN and an OUCH!! Raymond, I appreciate that you just gave it to ME without holding any punches. That beating was not only necessary but CRUCIAL for me to hear as well as CRUCIAL in terms of my GROWTH and can be applied in all areas of my life! I've copied it and will have this posted where I can see it everyday.

    Nashville is over here licking her wounds. But the good news is they will heal and I will be better for it!!

    VERY profound comentary and I love you for it!

    Thank you for always leading with character and conviction!!!

    Tammy Scruggs

  4. What a provocative post Mr. Abernathy.

    I've read and heard you say these things before but what resonates with me now is the fact that I am the woman in the mirror. I must do more to evaluate who I am…..What I see; all to really get a good picture of m
    MY character.

    Thank you for being the man that you are and having the willingness to keep growing and in the process allowing us to grow too!!


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