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The Mac Guffin?

Team AOJ,

I am enjoying the TEAM book of the month from Bob Burg and John David Mann entitled “The Go-Givers Sell More.”  I spoke last night at the open about a dramatic concept in movies called the MacGuffin. Alfred Hitchcock loved using the MacGuffin in his movies, and in short a MacGuffin is a character or object that is central to the plot of the movie, but not really what the movie is about.

In Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Ark is the MacGuffin…our hero Indiana Jones leaves the comfort of the university classroom, adorns his safari outfit, grabs his bull whip and sets off the find the Lost Ark.  Along the way he meets good characters, evil villains, a love interest, Nazis, and snakes.  He travels to Egypt, and foreign lands all in the hopes of finding the lost ark, and eventually we as viewers get so engulfed in his character, that the Ark becomes an after thought… a MacGuffin.

Over the years, I have been approached by network marketing individuals with a promise of money, time, income and residual income through their businesses.  I have no doubt that they believed what they were representing was good, and that income could be earned through hard work and dedication.  But for some reason I never felt compelled to join any of those networking companies.  In reading the “Go-Giver Sells More”, I have come to discover why I never joined any of those companies, and why I chose to pursue my dreams through the TEAM business system.  I believe the genius of Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady is there ability to create a system that inspires others to stick around long enough to get past the Mac Guffin (THE PRODUCT), and learn to fall in love with the pursuit of a worthwhile dream in their lives.

Through systematic leadership training and TEAM Approach, our environment allows us to get past what seems to be another networking “opportunity”, to see that there is greatness buried within each of us, and that we can learn to uncover that greatness through personal development and hard work.

The TEAM, unlike any other organization understands that a product does not move people to action, people inspire other people to action.  For years people would approach me with the next great MacGuffin, it slices, it dices, and it even cuts through a garden hose.  The MacGuffin will actually sell itself, its so easy anyone could do it…Blah, blah, blah.  I just never was compelled to expend time, money and energy into a product believing over time that it would produce long term results. But then I was introduced to Orrin Woodward and the TEAM, and I encountered something uniquely different.  TEAM understands that the MacGuffin is essential to the plot of my story, for it provides a vehicle and a reward, but the fuel that would move me to make the necessary changes to build a business around the MacGuffin would have to be something soul stirring.TEAM is about building a community on a foundation of timeless principles.  A community that serves a greater cause and a group of leaders that seek individual reward only through sacrifice, hard work and TEAM victories. The product flow becomes a natural result of servant leadership and community building, and then and only then can the business side of networking really take flight. 

Time, money, and freedom are what we all are seeking in life.  There are many avenues by which we can chase these dreams, I am thankful God has blessed me to see past the MacGuffin, and into a bright destiny with a group of leaders determined to have fun, make money and make a difference in this world. This story is about you and I digging deep down within our souls to find the hero that God has created for greatness.  Get your safari gear, your hat, and boots, grab your bull whip and lets take on the world…

2 thoughts on “The Mac Guffin?”

  1. GREAT post Raymond! Thank you putting your thoughts to paper for all of us to enjoy and ponder.

    Great minds think alike and after we listened to Team 586 “Response Ability”, by Chris Brady, it is a confirmation that you are on point with your post.

    It is etched in our minds that their is no pipeline income without the pipe. Yes, we can sell the juice but when we are looking for lifestyle, that will only come through building the pipeline.

    So even in this “down” economy, we can have success in our business, because we have something powerful to offer people. Just as others have succeeded in the past during a “down” economy, so can we. What one man has learned to do, another man can do also.

    Let's stay focused, keep the pedal down and ride our elephants full speed ahead into our great futures and the desires of our hearts!

    WAM – SAM

  2. I agree with all that the Paul's said and with everything in your article.

    Through the years of building this business I freely admit that I have gotten fooled by and way to focused on the macguffin at the peril of the real macoy of a DREAM.

    I am convinced more than ever that we must passionately relate to people the WHY of TEAM and what's in it for them.

    I am convinced that in order to do the above we must set ourselves on FIRE at least 15X per month BEFORE we ever leave our homes.

    Lastly I am convinced that the leadership on Alpha Omega right now (that's you all of YOU)are the ones that will be here when the elephant of AO unleashes on the TEAM at large.

    Look out TEAM..the midwest will be the TAP ROOT of TEAM!!!! C H A R G E

    Tina A

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